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What the heck two Alter figure releases in one month?  What is going on?  How can this be?  Goes to show how crazy figure releases can be at the end of the year!  This is the third of seven figures from my November 2015 orders.  As already mentioned this is an unprecedented SECOND Alter release of the month.  From Hobby Japan’s Hyakka Ryouran, or Samurai Girls, this is the super sexy Tokugawa Sen at 1/8th scale in a “Sadistic Succubus” costume!

Character: Tokugawa Sen
Origins: Hyakka Ryouran (Hobby Japan/Anime)
Version: Sadistic Succubus ver.
Scale: 1/8
Dimensions: Height – 9.36″
Companies: Alter (Manufacturer)
Artists: Dutch (Color producer), Tanaka Sen’u (Sculptor)
Release: 11/4/2015
Price: ¥12,800

As you can imagine, I was really surprised to get two Alter figures released in the same month.  It definitely does not happen often, more so I was expecting one of the two figures to be delayed, guess that didn’t happen!  Regardless this was a figure I was really looking forward to coming from Alter.  Senhime was my favorite girl from the series next to Naoe”My Cottage!” Kanetsugu.  This figure is based off of the cover artwork from one of the Hyakka books.  This was one of the figures from my six item AmiAmi order.  The figure cost ¥11,900 from AmiAmi not including the huge EMS shipping cost for the giant box.

Not much more to say so let’s get straight to the photos!

sadsen001 sadsen002 sadsen003 sadsen004sadsen005sadsen006Don’t think I have to mention again how much I really like Alter and their box designs.sadsen007A little instruction sheet that shows how to get Senhime on the base and how to insert the giant scythe she has.  No English side this time but I think the pictures are telling enough.sadsen008Another Alter circular base.  At least this one looks a nice “fancier” than some of their pass bases.  The gloss on the base looks really nice when you have the figure on it.  The designs are pretty nice too I suppose.sadsen009And then we have the giant awesome looking scythe attachment for the figure!  The scythe disconnects from the bottom part so you can get the pole in between her hands.sadsen010sadsen011sadsen012sadsen013sadsen014The detailing on the scythe looks amazing!  Alter really did not disappoint there.  Really makes the figure worth it’s value totally.

Now there really is only one pose for Senhime.  I suppose you can have her pose without her awesome looking “sadistic succubus” scythe.  Not that it would look bad but it’s like having the Deathscythe Gundam without it’s “death scythes”.  Does not compute!sadsen015sadsen016sadsen017sadsen018sadsen019sadsen020sadsen021sadsen022sadsen023sadsen024sadsen025sadsen026sadsen027sadsen028sadsen029sadsen030sadsen031sadsen032sadsen033sadsen034sadsen035sadsen036sadsen037sadsen038sadsen039I really did not expect Alter to have Senhime with some “erect” nipples.  The design is pretty damn sexy already and this really is borderline NSFW.  Kudos to them to keeping this in!
sadsen040sadsen041sadsen042sadsen043sadsen044sadsen045sadsen046sadsen047sadsen048sadsen049sadsen050sadsen051sadsen052sadsen053sadsen054sadsen055sadsen056sadsen057sadsen058sadsen059sadsen060sadsen061sadsen062sadsen063sadsen064sadsen065sadsen066sadsen067sadsen068sadsen069sadsen070sadsen071sadsen072sadsen073sadsen074sadsen075sadsen076sadsen077sadsen078sadsen079sadsen080The detailing on the scythe is really damn amazing!sadsen081sadsen082sadsen083sadsen084sadsen085Some of that shinny gloss I was talking about earlier with the base.  I really like how you can see a reflection of the figure.

It has been some time since my last Hyakka figure unboxing, probably more than two years now. Not that I had really high expectations or anything but I don’t think I ever owned a Hyakka figure that I was disappointed with.   And Alter here has easily continued that record!  This Succubus Senhime is a really damn AWESOME figure!

The original design was definitely ambitious, at least in Alter’s “moral” case.  I do think this design and original artwork is a bit more “mature” for what Alter is used to releasing.  Needless to say I was expecting some heavy changes to make it more “SFW”.  But here Alter decided to go against that and release the figure as the artwork is!  Really damn awesome!

I suppose I should mention everything I really liked with the figure.  EVERYTHING.  The sculpt, pose and design are perfect.  The coloring and detailing are out of this world amazing, especially on that scythe!  Senhime really plays the role of a “Sadistic Succubus” well and Alter really translated that PERFECTLY with this rendition.  I really have no complaints with this figure!  Perfect 10/10!  Once again Alter has managed to blow my mind!

So in a nutshell I really do think this figure is worth every penny.  The price is a bit high, but I really think with the amount of work Alter put in Senhime the value is all there and more!  She may be a bit too “sexy” for some people also, but at least for my tastes she’s perfect.  This could easily had been a Hobby Japan exclusive.  In other words, GET THIS FIGURE NOW BEFORE HER PRICE GETS JACKED UP!

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