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Trying to stagger out these unboxings so I will have a few posts a week until the end of the year. Anyways here we have the second of seven figures in no particular order from the month of November 2015!  Love Live figures seem to be the cash cow for many manufacturers nowadays. They can release as many figures of the girls as they went and charge as much as they want.  This figure is no exception to that rule!  Here we have the adorable Hoshizora Rin at 1/7th scale by Alter!

Character: Hoshizora Rin
Origins: Love Live! (Anime)
Scale: 1/7
Dimensions: Height – 8.58″
Companies: Alter (Manufacturer)
Artists: Missile (Sculptor), Watanabe Takamasa (Color producer)
Release: 11/11/2015
Price: ¥12,800

Now I am not that big of a Rin fan, I prefer Maki and Nozomi, but I do admit Rin is pretty damn adorable overall.  Alter picked out a really nice artwork, from the social media card game, with Rin in a “Cat-girl” like costume.  Too adorable to pass up!  Again this figure was part of my massive November order, mainly from AmiAmi.  I preordered this figure for a “GREATLY” discounted price of ¥11,250 (that was sarcasm BTW).  Not too much more to say other than since this is Alter we are talking about, I mean expecting great things from this figure!  Let’s get straight to it!

llrinalter001 llrinalter002 llrinalter003 llrinalter004llrinalter005llrinalter006I always really like Alter boxes.  They are simple overall but have some great designs on them.  This packaging for Rin is no different.  Nice window and artwork placement. 10/10!
llrinalter007One of the few things I wished Alter would work on with their figures is giving us some sort of better looking designed bases.  This is literally just a plain white base with some graphics on it.

There is only one posing option for this figure, nothing new from Alter.  Nonetheless I think this is all Rin needs to show off her cuteness!  Not much else to say about this figure for now, so enjoy the photos and jump to the end for my thoughts!llrinalter008llrinalter009llrinalter010llrinalter011llrinalter012llrinalter013llrinalter014llrinalter015llrinalter016llrinalter017llrinalter018llrinalter019llrinalter020llrinalter021llrinalter022llrinalter023llrinalter024llrinalter025llrinalter026llrinalter027llrinalter028llrinalter029llrinalter030llrinalter031llrinalter032llrinalter033llrinalter034llrinalter035llrinalter036llrinalter037llrinalter038llrinalter039llrinalter040llrinalter041llrinalter042llrinalter043llrinalter044llrinalter045llrinalter046llrinalter047llrinalter048llrinalter049llrinalter050llrinalter051llrinalter052llrinalter053llrinalter054llrinalter055llrinalter056llrinalter057llrinalter058llrinalter059llrinalter060llrinalter061

So I already mentioned how these Love Live figures get more and more expensive.  It’s pretty clear that manufacturers are milking this series for everything it is worth.  And who can blame them when they release great figures like this Rin!  Alter has done it again with this super adorable figure of Rin!

I have to say there is nothing really for me to complain about the figure cosmetically.  Rin looks great.  Super adorable as I have said several times already.  Her pose is spot on from the artwork and looks great in figure form.  Such a damn adorable pose!  Coloring and painting are excellent as usual from Alter and their “color producers”.  The colors are really vibrant and matches well with the overall figure.  Detailing is again spot on while her face looks perfect!  I could not ask for a better Rin figure!

Overall this is a great figure of Rin.  Alter continues to put out top notch Love Live figures that really blow everything else out of the water.  No one else can match their quality and for that I really do think the price is warranted.  Fans of Love Live I really do recommend this figure and probably anymore that Alter releases, there a few really nice ones coming up.  The price is a bit high but I can assure you it is worth it!

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