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It’s mid-December and I am finally done (for the most part) with the school year.  November turned out a bigger nasty hurl of figures, total SEVEN figures came in.  So until the end of the year expect at least 2-3 unboxings a week!  Anyways starting off with the first figure of orders! Continuing my tradition of buying figures of my Animu waifus is this figure.  This is Kasumigaoka Utaha, Utaha-sempai, from the last years Anime adaptation of the light novel Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata.  Figure is brought to us by Good Smile Company and is 1/7th scale.

Character: Kasumigaoka Utaha
Origins: Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata (Light Novel/Anime)
Scale: 1/7
Dimensions: Height – 9.17″
Companies: Good Smile Company (Manufacturer)
Artists: Katou Gaku (Sculptor), Misaki Kurehito (Illustrator)
Release: 11/18/2015
Price: ¥9,000

Alright so I’ve been waiting for a “decent” Utaha-sempai figure ever since I fell in love with her character way back last year.  There hasn’t been many of figures of the girls from Saekano surprisingly, seeing how popular the series was.  This is one of the few that have been released and one of the more promising ones from Good Smile Company.  When the figure was first revealed, many people complained about her “sexy” pose and how the figure was being made form “cheaper” PVC.  I of course did not mind that she was sexy, in fact I think that fits her character just fine.  And the cheaper material just meant that she will be cheaper in the end, which she was.  Regardless of all of that, the figure was based off of an nice piece of artwork by Misaki Kurehito and I just had to have her.

Originally the figure was set for a release in October but was delayed for a few weeks into November.  I ended up ordering the figure from AmiAmi fo¥7,540 and was part of a massive monthly order haul.  This is the first of seven total figures to be unboxed!  Let’s get straight to the photos from here!

utathagsc001 utathagsc002 utathagsc003 utathagsc004utathagsc005utathagsc006A fairly typical GSC-ish box.  Nothing too fancy but I do like the overall design of the packaging.  Nice vibrant red colored box with some nicely placed photos of the figure plus the original artwork.  Something typical from GSC I suppose.
utathagsc007And then we have this little two-sided “instruction sheet”.  One side Japanese and another English!  Not much of an instruction sheet, just some warnings and whatnot.  This figure did need some sort of instructions though…utathagsc008Included with the figure is this post card with the original artwork the figure is based off of.  I am guessing more and more companies are adding this little extra in with their releases.  I do approve!utathagsc009The base is this simple circular “fluffy” base.  Nothing too special or crazy but I suppose it is better than just a simple “plain” base.

Utaha-sempai has pretty much only two different posing options.  Not that I was expecting much.  This is the default pose with everything on.
utathagsc010utathagsc011utathagsc012utathagsc013utathagsc014utathagsc015utathagsc016utathagsc017utathagsc018utathagsc019utathagsc020utathagsc021utathagsc022utathagsc023utathagsc024utathagsc025utathagsc026utathagsc027utathagsc028utathagsc029utathagsc030utathagsc031utathagsc032utathagsc033utathagsc034utathagsc035utathagsc036utathagsc037utathagsc038utathagsc039utathagsc040utathagsc041utathagsc042utathagsc043utathagsc044utathagsc045utathagsc046utathagsc047utathagsc048utathagsc049utathagsc050utathagsc051utathagsc052utathagsc053utathagsc054utathagsc055Now for her secondarily pose!  Her is removable after you detach her legs off her torso.  The skirt is a bitch to get off, since it involves you somewhat having to lift up her left hand to get off the skirt.  Paint transfer will be an issue if you are not careful.  Luckily with me I was able to get it on and off without much transfer.utathagsc056utathagsc057utathagsc058utathagsc059utathagsc060utathagsc061utathagsc062utathagsc063utathagsc064utathagsc065utathagsc066utathagsc067utathagsc068utathagsc069utathagsc070

So how do I feel about this Utaha-sempai?  Let’s start off with what I like.  Her pose and sculpt were exactly what I was expecting.  Such a sexy and cool pose that for the most part at the right angle reflects that artwork really really well.  The coloring and paint job are also excellent, the light blends of colors are nice though they are not to the levels of what Alter does.  For the most part the detailing is fairly well.  The coloring and details on her shirt’s buttons, bra, and skirt are really well done.  Overall a solid job on GSC’s side.

Now for what I was not too fond of.  Let me assure you, there was nothing that I hated about this figure.  There were many things I really liked, but there were some I think GSC could had done a better job with.  One of those things is her face.  Now Utaha-sempai’s face does not look terrible, it just does not look anything like the artwork.  I would had prefer that they went with the lustrous confused look she has in the original artwork than this mischievous smile she has with the figure.  Second issue I had was with she skirt castoff.  Not too sure what GSC was thinking when they made the skirt only detachable from one side and having to use force to move her arm up to get the skirt off and on.  They could had made the skirt detachable from two sides a making removing it less of an ordeal.

Overall I am quite happy with how this figure turned out.  The price really does make up for what I had issues with.  Can’t go wrong with a figure for under 70 bucks USD honestly.  I would had prefer her to look more like the artwork but for what you pay and what you get it is worth it in the end.  Not the best Utaha-sempai figure ever but it’s good and it’s the best out right now.  Hoping Max Factory or Alter will put out a better figure of this babe later on.

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