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Well I am a tad bit late from my original estimation for this post, couldn’t help it considering how busy I have been the past few weeks.  On the bright side my work load should be a bit lighter coming up in a few weeks.  Regardless I aim to get these unboxings done at least in a timing manner.  Here is the first of FOUR figures from the month of October!  This is a brand new AMAKUNI, Hobby Japan figure of another The Seven Deadly Sins series.  This is Astaroth at 1/8th scale!

Character: Astaroth
Origins: The Seven Deadly Sins (Original)
Other: Exclusive
Scale: 1/8
Dimensions: Height – 8.53″
Companies: Amakuni (Manufacturer), Hobby Japan (Publisher)
Artists: Hiroshi (Sakurazensen) (Sculptor), Nishii (Illustrator)
Release: 10/16/2015
Price: ¥12,000 (Regular), ¥14,000 (Limited)

So it has been a while since my last The Seven Deadly Sins (TSDS) figure unboxing.  Again we have ourselves a brand new TSDS figure from AMAKUNI.  Another Hobby Japan mail-in exclusive that I was really looking forward to!  The figure was initially set to be released in September, but we all know how that usually turns out.  Astaroth is Melancholy, which I don’t even think is one of the seven sins.  Much like every other TSDS figure from AMAKUNI, she came in two releases a regular and limited that includes a “towel”.  I opted for the limited edition which I ended up purchasing from Nippon-Yasan for ¥15,380 plus ¥2,490 for the shipping.  Slightly more expensive than the retail cost but until Hobby Japan opens up an USA/International distributor it’s what we are stuck with.  Figure arrived sometime last week, cant remember when since I was so busy.  None the less time for the spam of photos!

tsdsasta001 tsdsasta002 tsdsasta003tsdsasta004So we have the usual AMAKUNI Hobby Japan packaging for Astaroth.  Nothing out of the ordinary from their usual TSDS packaging.  Nice giant box with the figure.
tsdsasta005 tsdsasta006 This is the “towel” that was included in the limited edition.  Not much of a towel but more of a giant two sided banner.  It does look nice I suppose.tsdsasta007 And the instruction sheet that was included.  No English side, which I was kind of expecting but it would be nice to finally be noticed by them.  I’m sure they kind of know that they have a such a huge following outside of Japan…tsdsasta008And then like all the other main TSDS figures from AMAKUNI, we get the an awesome pedestal base!  The pedestal is designed just like the other releases but the base is a bit more detailed with the demon head wave sound thing.tsdsasta009tsdsasta010tsdsasta011tsdsasta012tsdsasta013tsdsasta014tsdsasta015tsdsasta016tsdsasta017tsdsasta018tsdsasta019I think this is probably the best piece of the figure, not including the figure herself anyways.  Astaroth’s awesome looking Axe!  Holy crap does this thing look amazing.  It even has real strings!  Would had been crazy if you could play them…
tsdsasta020tsdsasta021tsdsasta022tsdsasta023tsdsasta024And then you have these two pieces.  They are pretty much default pieces, one latches her top together while the other covers her exposed nipples…tsdsasta025Like the other TSDS figures Astaroth has several posing options since she is a cast off!  A fair warning though the paint will EASILY transfer to her skin if you are not careful like it did with mine.  Also the figure has a strange leaning issue.  Looks like shes really leaning out.  None the less though this is her default pose.  On the pedestal!
tsdsasta026tsdsasta027tsdsasta028tsdsasta029tsdsasta030tsdsasta031tsdsasta032tsdsasta033tsdsasta034tsdsasta035You can clearly see the leaning here.  Apparently it is a widespread issue though I’ve seen a couple without the leaning.  Guess it’s a lottery pick for it…tsdsasta036tsdsasta037tsdsasta038tsdsasta039tsdsasta040tsdsasta041tsdsasta042tsdsasta043tsdsasta044tsdsasta045tsdsasta046tsdsasta047tsdsasta048tsdsasta049tsdsasta050tsdsasta051tsdsasta052tsdsasta053tsdsasta054tsdsasta055tsdsasta056tsdsasta057tsdsasta058tsdsasta059tsdsasta060tsdsasta061tsdsasta062tsdsasta063tsdsasta064tsdsasta065tsdsasta066tsdsasta067tsdsasta069 tsdsasta070 tsdsasta071 tsdsasta072And now for her second posing option.  Well kind of.  With her top piece being removed you can have her nipples showing while she is wearing everything else!  I took off the shoulder pieces also but of course you can leave them on.tsdsasta073tsdsasta074tsdsasta075tsdsasta076tsdsasta077tsdsasta078tsdsasta079tsdsasta080tsdsasta081tsdsasta082tsdsasta083tsdsasta084tsdsasta085tsdsasta086Since we have all the other photos taken care of I suppose we can move on a bit quicker with these photos!  This is the third posing option, without her top!tsdsasta087tsdsasta088tsdsasta089tsdsasta090tsdsasta091tsdsasta092tsdsasta093tsdsasta094tsdsasta095tsdsasta096tsdsasta097tsdsasta098tsdsasta099tsdsasta100tsdsasta101tsdsasta102tsdsasta103tsdsasta104Her skirt is in two parts so you can remove the top heaving part for another posing option!
tsdsasta105tsdsasta106tsdsasta107tsdsasta108tsdsasta109tsdsasta110tsdsasta111tsdsasta112tsdsasta113tsdsasta114tsdsasta115tsdsasta116And then finally removing her bottom skirt piece has Astaroth in her complete castoff mode!tsdsasta117tsdsasta118tsdsasta119tsdsasta120tsdsasta121tsdsasta122tsdsasta123tsdsasta124tsdsasta125tsdsasta126tsdsasta127tsdsasta128tsdsasta129Though I don’t think it’s right to not have her with her Axe I removed it here to get some better photos of her stomach and delicious curves.  Paint transfer spots are a bit more visible without any clothes on…tsdsasta130tsdsasta131tsdsasta132tsdsasta133tsdsasta134tsdsasta135tsdsasta136tsdsasta137tsdsasta138tsdsasta139

So how Astaroth stack up with the other TSDS figures?  REALLY DAMN WELL!  I am really happy with how Astaroth turned out!  She just looks absolutely gorgeous with the usual high AMAKUNI detailing and coloring!  Cast off was a breeze with this figure, something that is becoming a norm for these TSDS figures now, with the multiple posing options giving this figure so much more value.  I love how Astaroth looks from her awesome pose to the sexy candy cane colored knee socks.  And as usual the base and pedestal were amazing!  Perfect sculpt, perfect coloring, perfect detailing.  Not much more to say.

Issueswise, well other than the typical annoyance at paint transfer the only real issue I had with her was how badly she leaned.  At least with mine it looked like she was leaning too much.  This was with her being placed perfectly into the slot and even without the long skirt piece she was leaning.  Might have been better to give the figure a bit more support upwards, since the only thing holding her up was that insert slot and the strength of her legs.

Overall I am damn happy with this figure.  Astaroth was everything I wanted when I preordered her.  Really glad that she delivered!  Definitely can’t wait for the next TSDS figure to get my disgusting fingers all over…

In other news have three more figures coming in sometime within the next few weeks.  Plus I have a stack of FAKKU books I want to do some write ups on.  I haven’t really been preordering  new figures, hence the lack of previews.  But there are a few I want to order up after I have sometime to look up prices.  Or something…

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