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Holy crap!  Tayu Tayu is getting a H-Anime come September!  Tayu Tayu is of course an eromanga by Yamatogawa, one of my favorite eromanga artists.  The manga of course will be getting an English release courtesy of Project-H this month under the title Boing Boing, which is the literal translation of the title.  Pretty excited news for me seeing how this could lead to Yamatogawa’s other works getting an H-Anime, that namely of Power Play!  Seems like Queen Bee is in charge of the Anime for Tayu Tayu which is in pretty good hands.  They recently finished the H-Anime version of Pisu Hame by Shiwasu No Okina, which was pretty well done IMO.  There’s an episode two also set for November so it looks all good so far!  Here’s the link to the Getchu page: (might have to copy and paste) and the here’s the sample image pencil board thing that is coming out with DVD/Bluray release!



Needless to say my body is ready for this release!  Bring me more Yamatogawa releases please!

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