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January turned out to be a much busier month than I thought it was going to be.  So many unboxings and figure preorders this month already!  This is the third unboxing of this month and is the second figure of my January orders.  It’s another Hobby Japan exclusive The Seven Deadly Sins (TSDS) figure from AMAKUNI!  It’s Beelzebub the sin of Gluttony!


Character: Beelzebub (Gluttony)
Origins: The Seven Deadly Sins (Hobby Japan)
Scale: 1/8 (8.19″ Tall)
Manufacturer: AMAKUNI, Hobby Japan
Artist: Nishii (Illustrator), Hiroshi (Sakurazensen) (Sculptor)
Release: 1/5/2015
Price: ¥12000 (Regular), ¥13000 (Limited)

Beelzebub is the last and final of the seven sins in TSDS.  When I say last I don’t mean that she is the last to ever be released or even the last new character, two other new characters were recently introduced including one I preordered.  I ordered her limited edition version which included a placemat from Nippon-Yasan for ¥14300 plus ¥2490 shipping.  The grand total came out to be ¥16790.  Thankfully for the “strong Japanese Yen” the price didn’t put too much of a dent on my savings.  She arrived in a poorly put together box on Thrusday of last week.

Now for the photos!  I am pretty excited for this because I finally got to test out my new lighting setup with a figure.  And I can say I am pretty happy with the results!  You probably can’t tell that all the photos were taken with the same camera that I did my Touko unboxing with!  The improvements are quite insane!  But enough of me talking about it.  Take a look at it yourself!

Photo Shoot Set-up: Canon Powershot SX50 (Auto/No Flash), Cowboy Photography 20″ x 20″ Square Light Tent with White Back, 2x 18″ Table Photography Lamps with 30 Watt Cool Daylight Fluorescent Bulbs.

gluthj001 gluthj002 gluthj003 gluthj004


AMAKUNI packaging of these TSDS figures are pretty much designed all the same.  You get a giant brownish box with a window.  Nothing too fancy I guess.  But the box is hella sturdy compared to standard figures from other companies.  I guess AMAKUNI knows these figures will be going through hell while they ship.

gluthj006 gluthj007

I ordered the limited edition version of Beelzebub which includes this place mat with a damn adorable artwork of Beelzebub!  Definitely one of the bigger extras I have received from these limited editions.  It’s also good to note how the artworks used aren’t NSFW like other TSDS extras. Usually you get a SFW side and a NSFW side.  I guess the her nips being errect is NSFW but it’s pretty tame compared to the others.  I still love it though!

gluthj008 gluthj009 gluthj010 gluthj011 gluthj012 gluthj013 gluthj014 gluthj015

Not too sure why I still do these blister shots.  I might just do one of the front and back in my next unboxing, so if I forget how the figure goes back in I’ll have a reference.  Standard plastic blister usage here.  Nice and sturdy with plenty of tape.


Below the blister was taped an instruction “sheet”.  Pretty straight forward for the most part. Might have been good to show off the really fragile parts of the figure, there are a few, in this sheet.

gluthj017 gluthj018 gluthj019 gluthj020 gluthj021

Beelzebub, just like her sister figures from AMAKUNI, comes with this giant pedestal base which is about 3″ tall.  You can remove the top part of the pedestal for a small flat base instead but why do that when you can display her on an awesome looking pedestal!  The first thing I noticed while looking at the base was what was written on one of the sides…  “Gult”…  Apparently this was a typo from AMAKUNI and they would be shipping out a replacement sticker for those who ordered it.  Since I purchased mine from N-Y I heard they will be sending these out to everyone who ordered it.  I don’t mind too much but I do think it’s pretty funny.

Now for the figure herself!  Starting off with the first standard pose of Beelzebub!

gluthj022 gluthj023 gluthj024 gluthj025

gluthj026 gluthj027 gluthj028 gluthj029


I didn’t notice it at first but the drumstick is a monster drumstick!  I literally LOL’d when I realized that it had sharp teeth and a single cyclops eye.  Really cleaver stuff!

gluthj031 gluthj032 gluthj033

gluthj034 gluthj035 gluthj036 gluthj037

gluthj038 gluthj039 gluthj040 gluthj041

gluthj042 gluthj043 gluthj044 gluthj045

gluthj046 gluthj047 gluthj048 gluthj049

gluthj050 gluthj051

Now for Beelzebub’s second pose:  Skirt-less “Gult”!  Get ready for a flood of booty shots!

gluthj052 gluthj053

gluthj054 gluthj055 gluthj056 gluthj057

Oh noes some paint chip on her panties?  There were actually a few paint marks and random paint gloup on the figure.  Nothing too big or too noticeable but it’s a little sad to see on a such nice figure.

gluthj058 gluthj059 gluthj060 gluthj061

gluthj062 gluthj063 gluthj064 gluthj065

gluthj066 gluthj067 gluthj068 gluthj069

gluthj070 gluthj071

Yeah I may have went a bit overboard with the butt shots of Beelzebub.  I was just having way too much fun with all the photos coming out as great as they were!  We all have to admit though, Beelzebub has a nice cute booty…

Technically there are four ways to pose Beelzebub: the standard with all of clothes on, skirtless, topless but with skirt and finally topless and skirtless.  I sort of skipped the topless but with skirt since it would be a bit redundant but there is the option!  Here’s her final pose skirt and topless!

gluthj072 gluthj073 gluthj074

gluthj075 gluthj076 gluthj077 gluthj078

gluthj079 gluthj080

So that’s it for the photos of Beelzebub!  It’s amazing what a little lighting and light tent can do!  It was a pretty ghetto setup too, since I have very limited space in my room.  But still I am really really impressed with how the photos game out!  Enough about that though let’s talk about Beelzebub!

I can’t think of any TSDS figures that had disappointed me.  Beelzebub will definitely NOT be the first for that!  Beelzebub is one damn adorable little figure!  Unlike the other super busty girls of TSDS, Beelzebub is the loli character of the seven.  She isn’t busty and curvy like the other girls. Instead she is a pettanko (basically flat chested or has really small boobs) and with an more realistic booty.  AMAKUNI really did an excellent job sculpting her.  The coloring is perfect while for the most part the paint job is also great.  Of course we can’t forget about the great detailing in the figure!  From the small skull on her back to the metal chains that wrap around her everything looks perfectly detailed.  I expect no less from AMAKUNI!  Also the castoff for Beelzebub is really damn easy, unlike some of the other TSDS girls.  Beelzebub is a simple pop-on-off castoff figure.  Nothing too fancy or complicated.

Now I don’t have any REAL issues with the figure. Only complaint I have are the random paint chippings and marks I have on the figure.  They aren’t that bad so I won’t complain anymore on it.  Another issue that people have with her are the really fragile parts on her.  The pedals of her skirt are really fragile and the chain part on the pumpkin on her foot seem to be parts where people need to be really careful or else a piece is going to chip off.  Proper and careful handing should remedy all of that though.

Overall I think Beelzebub is an excellent figure!  Definitely one that should be part of TSDS series. I really love how cute she turned out.  The detailing, the coloring and the sculpt are all perfect! There could be some issue with a bit of QA on AMAKUNI’s side but it’s nothing as bad as things from Kotobukiya.  Collectors of TSDS girls do not wait GET HER NOW!  Fans of cute adorable figures GET HER NOW!  Fans of cute adorable erofigures GET HER NOW!  No excuses!  Unless she is sold out of course…

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