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It’s been several months since I excitedly posted about FAKKU Book’s entrance into the “English Uncensored” eromanga scene.  At the time I thought I would be receiving their first release in September but after several delays it is now December and I just barely received the hard copy of their first book, Homunculus’s Renai Sample!

This is FAKKU Book’s first entry in their book lineup.  They offer the books in two different flavors: a digital release ($9.95) and a paperback ($19.95).  Due to my collector-like tendencies I just had to get my hands on the paperback, which also includes access to the digital copy anyways and was only $10 more.  Homunculus is definitely one of my favorite eromanga artists at the moment and I really enjoyed Renai Sample so I sort of have high expectations for this release.  Let’s see how FAKKU Books did with their first release!


renaisample001 renaisample002

The book came neatly and tightly shrink-wrapped.  The book was definitely heavier than anything I received from Project-H.  Just from the weight you can tell they are using higher quality paper than the recycled crap most Western publishers use.  Looks like FAKKU Books opted to use the original book design cover which is really nice.


A little bit of a size comparison to Project-H’s Power Play!  Renai Sample in terms of size is about the same as the standard eromanga release.   So the books should fit nicely on the same book shelf.

renaisample004 renaisample005

The difference in the books is the thickness which is pretty clear from this last photo.  From left to right: Sena Youtarou’s Majou × Shouta (Japanese), Homunculus’s Renai Sample (English), Yamatogawa’s Power Play (English).  FAKKU’s Renai Sample looks to be as thick as and heavy as the typical Japanese eromanga release.


Now this is what I am talking about!  FAKKU Book’s really went Japanese with their release here.  The book is just like how the Japanese eromangas are!  The book has a slip off cover that seems to be made of some sort of high gloss paper.  Removing the cover reveals the hard cover of the book that has some rough sketches of the girls from the book.


A look at the slip off cover from the inside.  Pretty standard stuff here with the table of contents on the right of the book and a really nice colored artwork of Shizuka with an “unforunate” boob slip.

renaisample008 renaisample009

As I already mentioned the hard cover of the book has some rough sketches of all of the girls from the book.  I believe the layout is the same with the Japanese release from Wani Books.  It’s pretty cool to see how authentic FAKKU Books are leaving the books are from the original Japanese.  Hope they continue to do this with future releases.


The spine of my book was damaged a bit at the top.  You can’t really see if in this photo but it’s there.  In most cases I think the damage would infuriate some collectors but luckily I am rather understanding.  Not sure if the damage was done from the shipping or from the shrink-wrapping, mine was pretty tightly wrapped and could had caused a bit of damage.

Now let’s take a quick look at the contents of the book!


The color pages of the book turned out really really excellent looking!  I was really impressed with the printing and color quality of these pages.  The colors look just as good as the original Japanese scans I fapped to about a year ago.  Oh did I also forget to mention that the books are completely uncensored now?  No black bars here!


Now the uncolored portion of the book were just as impressive!  The book definitely looks just as good as the original scans we all feasted our eyes on prior to the Wani takedowns.  The pages feel really high quality compared to those of Project-H releases.  It seems like FAKKU Books went with a Japanese printer for their releases and it really does feel higher quality than releases from Western publishers.

The one thing I did sort of notice with some of the uncolored pages is the very clear pixel blocks with some of the shadowing and shading.  I don’t remember noticing those from the Japanese scans of the tank but I can clearly seem them here in some of the pages.  I checked the digital version of the book and also noticed the blocks.  Again I am not sure if this was something in the original or something caused by an upscale scan.  It’s really isn’t that big of an issue though.


Overall though the printing turned out pretty damn well.  The uncensor work, if any done, were excellent and really looks great.  The typesetting and styling of the book looks great.  Everything can easily be read.  FAKKU Books left in the original Japanese sound fx with the English translations right next to them.  I think that was a pretty solid move and keeps it as close to the Japanese version as possible.


In terms of translations of the book I really can’t say too much on that since I can’t read much Japanese to begin with so it’s hard to compare to the original.  It’s a bit unfair to compare the release to the scanlation translations also since scanlators have a bit more freedom with their translations while official translators might have to stick closer to the original.  All of the dialog did make sense though.  Nothing seemed strangely translated and it all flowed well so no complaints here!

Overall I think FAKKU Books did an excellent job with their first release!  I am really impressed with high quality printing and how close they stuck to the Japanese original tank.  Asides from the random pixel blocks, which may or may not even be an issue, everything looks great with this release!

Now I was already in-love with this book prior to FAKKU Books release but I suppose I should at least go over my thoughts on the plot and artwork.


First of all the plot of this book is much like many other vanilla eromangas.  The book is split into several chapters each with different characters with their own plot.  As you can imagine all the chapters end with some sort of vanilla sex scene.  The individual plots are not anything too original.  You have your typical silent girl sex chapter, the tsundere girl sex chapter, the older “relative” sex chapter and the typical you live with a hot younger girl and somehow end up having sex with her.  Don’t get me wrong they were all enjoyable chapters but if you are looking for something crazy original I don’t think hentai is the way to go.

Homunculus’s artwork is what makes him/her such a popular artist.  Even with the unoriginal vanilla hentai plots it’s Homunculus’s character designs and sex scenes that make the book something really enjoyable to fap to.  My particular favorite girl in the book is Chitose, who happens to be the cover girl of the tank.  She looks like the typical older “nee-chan” type character but Homunculus did something to her design that just made me love the heck out of her.  It might be her trademark scrunchy…  But honestly though all the girls look great and the sex scenes are hot!  In all honestly for hentai that’s all you need for a good fap!


So FAKKU Book’s first release of Homunculus’s Renai Sample really did blow me away.  I am highly impressed with how far they went to make this book as authentic as possible.   The artwork of the book is excellent and should be bound to give you an enjoyably time.  I can really see no faults with this release other than maybe the really high price tag, remember these books normally go for around ¥800-¥1000 in Japan.  But I guess the extra money covers the production of the book in the end.  But other than that I highly recommend you grab yourself a copy of the book from FAKKU Books!  Get the print version since it also includes the digital version and is really only 10 dollars more.  I have a few other FAKKU Books ordered that should be coming sometime next year so look forward to those then!  And I really hope they pick up some more Wani books soon namely those by Distance and Katsurai Yoshiaki…

Title: Renai Sample
Author: Homunculus
Publisher: FAKKU Books
Release Date: Digital (September 2014), Paperback (December 2014)
Price: Digital ($9.95), Paperback + Digital ($19.95)
Pages: 212 (16 color)
Genre: Vanilla, Hentai, Uncensored

eN3RDs Score:  Highly Recommended!

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