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Alright so I am over with school for the quarter but there I don’t have much to post about as of late.  Figures are getting delayed into next month and the only order I actually paid for won’t come in until after New Years it seems.  So I guess I will have to make due with previews for now unless something exciting pops up between now and the end of the month.  Speaking of exciting though this figure I am really excited about!  It’s another figure of Leviathan from The Seven Deadly Sins (TSDS)!  This one is being brought to us by OrchidSeed and is called the Hanketsu Hot Pants no Setsu ver!


Alright so let’s get straight to the info and then the awesome photos of the figure!  First of all Leviathan here is 1/7th scale and stands at about 8.58″ tall.  OrchidSeed did a really great job sculpting this Leviathan and even giving her some awesome extras, more on that later!  Leviathan’s pose is based off of her artwork from Maou Mokushiroku.  OrchiSeed of course had to include a special surprise for us for her pose!  Of course she will be a castoff.  She is set for a November 2015 release date, about over a year, and set at a market price of ¥12000!

Now onto the photos and the surprise!

leviathan001 leviathan002 leviathan003 leviathan004

leviathan005 leviathan006 leviathan007 leviathan008

leviathan009 leviathan010 leviathan011 leviathan012

leviathan013 leviathan014 leviathan015

That’s right!  Not only is she a castoff with her top.  But she also comes with a secondary body piece that gives her a completely different pose!  OrchidSeed!  WTF!  Just take my money!  And no this isn’t two different figures!  This is one figure with one head piece and two body pieces!  How often do you get that sort of bang for your buck with a figure?  Not often I’d tell you!  I was already damn excited for this figure and now I can’t wait!  What’s best of all with this figure is that she’s a non-exclusive figure!  Amakuni can learn a thing or two from OrchidSeed.  Give us more for what we pay for!

The pose aside everything with this figure so far looks great!  The coloring looks excellent and spot on.  The castoff looks simple enough.  Leviathan just looks stunning!  Her clothes are super sexy and cute and that just makes her castoff 200x better!  Really excellent job here OrchidSeed!  What’s even better is that you have nearly a year to save up for her!  Kind of a long wait but you should know if you have the cash for her by then!

Now there is an exclusive you can get with the figure when you preorder her directly from OrchidSeed.  You get a fleece blanket basically for an extra ¥1000.  Not a bad deal if you like the extras that usually come with TSDS figures.  AmiAmi has her regular edition for ¥11500 which is a steal IMO.  I instantly preordered her though!  Can’t wait for this figure!!!


Image Source: The Seven Deadly Sins Maou Mokushiroku Shitto no Shou – Leviathan Hanketsu Hot Pants no Fushi 1/7 Complete Figure (AmiAmi Product Page)

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