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As more of my figure orders come in more seems to be popping out to grab that newly opened preorder slot…  Well here is another figure to add to the list.  I said already before that I will try my hardest to grab whatever new The Seven Deadly Sins (TSDS) figures that pop up and here is one that I think pretty clever.  Of course it is another Hobby Japan exclusive from AMAKUNI, it is Satan dressed as Santa Claus!


I just think the artwork for this figure is just sooo adorable!  Satan was one of the TSDS girls that I skipped out on before.  I didn’t really like her how she looked at the time so I passed up on it.  But this Santa Satan though, so man it presses all of buttons just right…

First of all Santa Satan is 1/7th scale and stands about 10.14 inches tall.  She is of course fully painted and fully castoffable!  Her pose is not completely based off of the the artwork above, instead she is sort of kneeling with one hand holding down part of her skirt  and another holding down her Santa hat.  And yes she is wearing a really sexy and tight Santa Claus costume.  Being a Hobby Japan mail-in exclusive she is opened for preorder October 25, 2014 to December 10, 2014 for a retail price of ¥12000 and ¥13500 with a limited edition poster.  She is set for a August 2015 release.

santasatan001 santasatan002 santasatan003 santasatan004

santasatan005 santasatan006 santasatan007 santasatan008

santasatan009 santasatan010 santasatan011santasatan013 santasatan014

So as you can imagine I really dig Santa Satan.  I just think she looks really damn adorable.  I really like what AMAKUNI did here with her pose despite it not being completely like the artwork.   The coloring looks excellent as usual.  I really love how bright her hair is, it matches the red in the Santa costume really well.  I kind of do wish they add in the toy sack as they have in the artwork.  Should add more “posability” (I just made up that word) to the figure.  I do imagine the castoff to be a pain but what castoff figure isn’t?


Oh and lets not forget about the limited edition poster!  What I love about these limited edition goods that come with these figures are that they have two sides to them.  A sort of NSFW side and a really NSFW side.  Not too sure how big the poster will be but I imagine it to be a small poster.

As you can guess I will be preordering this figure for sure.  An August 2015 release date is a bit a ways but that’s a good time for figures anyways.  Remember since this is a mail-in exclusive you can only really get these figures from third party stores.  BiginJapan has her up for ¥14400, though I am not sure if that comes with the poster.  Nippon-Yasan has yet to put her up and I am waiting for them to put my preorder up.  Update when they have it…

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