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Despite my lack of posts September was a month filled with figure releases.  The grand total of figure unboxings for the month: five.  This is the fifth and final figure of my September orders.  I have been looking forwarding to getting my hands on this figure for a while now.  This is another Hobby Japan mail-in exclusive figure part of their “The Seven Deadly Sins” (TSDS) figure line of demon girls.   This one by AMAKUNI is Belphegor, Sloth of the Deadly Sins!


Character: Belphegor (Sloth)
Origins: The Seven Deadly Sins
Scale: 1/8
Manufacturer: AMAKUNI, Hobby Japan
Artists: Mazaki Yuusuke (Sculptor). Nishii (Illustrator)
Release: 9/26/2014
Store: Nippon-Yasan
Price: ¥13850 + ¥2490 (Shipping)

I vowed to myself to get pretty much all of the exclusive TSDS figures after missing out on some really nice ones in the past.  Belphegor, whom I will call Sloth, is actually my second TSDS figure from AMAKUNI.  I actually paid for Sloth two weeks ahead of the release date and the store I purchased her from, Nippon-Yasan, didn’t ship her out until the end of September.  The figure arrived earlier last week and I spent yesterday popping her open and taking the photos.  I opted to pay the extra for her limited edition item which is a small pillow case, pictures of that below.  Anyways enough of text let’s get to the photos!

sloth001 sloth002 sloth003 sloth004

sloth005 sloth006 sloth007 sloth008

sloth009 sloth010 sloth011 sloth012

sloth013 sloth014 sloth015 sloth016

sloth017 sloth018 sloth019 sloth020

sloth021 sloth022 sloth023 sloth024

sloth025 sloth026 sloth027 sloth028

sloth029 sloth030 sloth031 sloth032

sloth033 sloth034 sloth035 sloth036

sloth037 sloth038 sloth039 sloth040

sloth041 sloth042 sloth043 sloth044

sloth045 sloth046 sloth047 sloth048

sloth049 sloth050 sloth051 sloth052

sloth053 sloth054 sloth055 sloth056

sloth057 sloth058 sloth059 sloth060

sloth061 sloth062 sloth063 sloth064

sloth065 sloth066 sloth067 sloth068


So I wasn’t expecting too much from Sloth honestly.  Don’t take that the wrong way though, I didn’t expect much because I KNEW she was going to be great.  And I honestly I should had expected more because she wouldn’t had blown me away as much as she has!

The packaging is pretty standard fare for Hobby Japan exclusive figures.  Not exactly the most exciting box but you should know what you are getting already seeing how it’s an exclusive figure.  The extra limited edition pillow is pretty damn nice.  I am a sucker for extra shit like this so I think it was worth it for me.  Now onto the figure herself…

As I already mentioned Sloth far exceeded what I was expecting from her.  Her design looks excellent.  Her face is very “sloth”-like if that makes any sense.  The lazyish look in her eyes and the big smile is what you would expect a sloth to make I guess.  The coloring is spot on and looks excellent.  And of course the detailing, EXCELLENT DETAILING!  Sloth’s tail is a really good example of great detailing.  And the fat lines on her stomach is super cute too!  I really really liked the extra attachable tail that you can arrange however you want!  Gives the figure so many more posing options!

What I really like about these TSDS figures are the crazy pedestal like bases.  In the case of Sloth there is sort of two of them!  She sits on top of a slimy green apple-like thing that you can place on top of the more heavy and much larger pedestal base.  That thing is gigantic and really damn heavy but looks really awesome.  It was a pain to get the top plate back on the pedestal after you pop it off but with a little force you should get it on.  Overall I really love these base pedestals.  Really makes the figure pop once you have it out on display.

Now for the castoff.  This had to be one of the easiest castoff ever!  And I was not expecting that!  AMAKUNI really made an easy castoff for once!  No instructions needed!  Though there wasn’t any included in the first place.  The only issue I had with the castoff was after getting everything on perfectly, and I mean everything on just right without gaps or anything, popping Sloth back on the green slime apple would cause some pieces to detach.  You can see example of that on some of the photos above with her left arm.  For some weird reason I guess the figure doesn’t match up completely with the placement points on the apple that would cause for some of the pieces to detach a bit.  It’s not too big of an issue but for those who want perfection it may be annoying.  Now this brings up another point, I actually think Sloth looks much better without her top on.  Not to say that with her shirt top on she looks bad I just think she looks better without it.

Alright so overall I REALLY REALLY love Sloth.  Almost everything of her is spot on.  It was a bummer that her arm piece kept popping off when I placed on her the apple but I do prefer her without her shirt on anyways.  Damn cute figure!  I can’t wait to get my hands on the next TSDS girl!  I give Sloth a 9.5 out of 10~!

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