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Time for a very exciting unboxing of a figure I have been looking forward to for a while.  This is another Hobby Japan mail-in exclusive.  This the first of many figures I have ordered from The Seven Deadly Sins series, Leviathan the sin of Envy!  This is actually a recolor of the same figure released about a year ago.  I unfortunately missed out on getting her during the first run but I made sure I had to get her this time and I did!


The colors used in this image and the recolor are pretty different.  Instead of blue, purpleish colors the recolor is pink and redish.  Anywho usual information before I flood with images…

Character: Leviathan (Envy)
Origins: The Seven Deadly Sins
Scale: 1/8
Manufacturer: Amakuni, Hobby Japan
Artist: Hiroshi (Sakurazensen) (Sculptor), Nishii (Illustrator)
Version: Murasaki no Koromo ver.
Release: 3/25/2014 (Recolor)
Store: Nippon-Yasan
Price: ¥10500 (Limited Edition) + ¥1990 Shipping

So I ended up getting the limited edition version which is the figure and an included clear file mat so that’s why she was a bit more pricier.  The figure was shipped via SAL Register and arrived last Thursday.

Anywho photos were taken with my Canon Powershot SX50 with flash when necessary and resized with GIMP.

levi001The box of the figure and the included clear file mat.
levi002Front of the box.

Hobby Japan boxes tend to be pretty plain.  This is really no different.  Only this is probably one of the few with a window.

levi003Sides of the box.

Both of the sides of the boxes are the same some I didn’t bother taking a photo of the other side.  Again the box looks pretty damn plain.

levi004Back of the box.

Surprisingly the back of the box has quite a bit of color compared to some of my other Hobby Japan figure boxes.

levi005Top of the box.
levi006Bottom of the box.

Not sure why my Hobby Japan figure boxes always end up looking so beat up.  I’m guessing it’s the whole shipping to Japan then shipped from Japan to US trip that it ends up like this.

levi007The clear file mat of the limited edition.

Not too sure what a “clear file mat” is it looks pretty nice.  It’s a double sided plastic folder type thing that has two images on both sides.  Inside it is the mat I suppose which has the same image as the clear file.  The front has a SFW image while the back is the NSFW.  Soo classy! Now to the blister!


From the blister you can sort of see how her shirt isn’t completely latched on.  With that I knew this figure would be bad news in terms of castoffing…  And I was right… More on that later though.


I am really not too familiar with the Seven Sins series so I don’t know what this bat thing is but I am assuming it is Leviathan’s familiar or something.



You can kind of see how the pegs are not in shirt with this photo.  And her pants are not even latched on either though that wasn’t too much of an issue in the end.


Alternative arm pieces for alternative posing?  Oh heck yeah!  Usually it’s just a face piece or something but I like having other options sometimes!


levi015 levi016

levi017The pedestal and base.

The pedestal is pretty big, it’s about 85mm tall.  Now you can remove the top plate of the pedestal and have a normal small base.  It’s nice if you have limited display space.

Now for the pain of this castoff figure.  The shirt’s sleeve peg would not go into the pegs hole no matter what I did!  I try messing around with it off of the figure for an hour to no avail.  I eventually just gave up and posed the figure as is without the peg in…  Luckily you can’t really see that part unless you look really close…  Still though..


Holy crap balls does she look freaking amazing!  Amakuni does really excellent job with their figures!  Probably the only one I’ve been disappointed in was that Lily figure I got before.

levi019 levi020 levi021 levi022 levi023

levi024 levi025 levi026

There was not real instructions on how to place that bat thing on Levi so I kind of just looked at the photo the box and shoved it into place in between her hand and her ass.  But asides from that look at that crazy detailing on it!  Not bad.  Not bad at all.

levi027 levi028 levi029 levi030

Where are the pantsu?!?!  Levi rolls around without them and just has a bandage protecting her!  Not going to lie I was pretty surprised and excited when I saw this!

levi032 levi031 levi033 levi034

Everyone loves them boob shoots.  Right?  At least I do…  Anyways the details man!  The shirt is really ncie with the emblem on her chest and the the wrinkles on the shirt from being tied up.  Crazy!

levi035 levi036 levi037

levi038 levi039

The pedestal is really crazy detailed!  The sides are interchangeable I believe, any side could be the front as long you move the base around.  So displaying her with whatever name you want is entirely up to your fancy!

levi040 levi041

levi042Topless pose #1 with belt pants and default arms!

So this is the first of her few topless poses!  I left her belt pants thing on for the sexyness.  Her default arms on so you can potentially pop the bat thing on if you wanted.  Now that I look at it though, she looks weird without it being there..  Oh well..  But yea me likes the partial nudity and the stripes!  The stripes man!

levi043 levi044 levi045

Hrm them curves…  Her clothes kind of made her look a bit meatier than she actually is.  I like the sort of deception… >>


How low can I go?  Pretty damn low I’d say.  Nothing looks too different here with her belt on at least.


levi048Full naked pose final!

Oh god sorry for this terribly unfocused photo…  But anyways I skipped a few pose options and went to the full naked with the extra arm pieces and you know what.  She looks pretty damn good!

levi049 levi050 levi051

With her alternative arm pieces her hands are no placed on her ass and the bat has no where to go.  Don’t think I can have the pants on with these arms on though seeing how it would get in the way of her hands.

levi052 levi053

Instead of stripe arm legging things Levi now has a pair of pink gloves on.  The detailing on these are just as crazy as her default arms.


The curvyness of Levi at it’s greatest her!  That perfect hour glass Animu body and perfect body proportions.  So hot.


That booty!  I don’t know but I think these figures have made me into a booty guy.  It’s the perfectness of an bishoujo figure’s booty that has made me into a fan…

levi056 levi057 levi058 levi059levi060 levi061 levi062

levi063 levi064

levi065 levi066

Alright so let me just start by saying that I really love this figure!  I am not disappointed at all with this purchase!  Amakuni despite not being a major manufacturer has consistently been putting out these great limited edition figures.  Levi is perfectly detailed, colored and designed.  The colors of this recolor are probably just as good as the original.   And the posing options!  I didn’t pose them all but there’s quite a few here!  Only issue with the figure I had was the shirt pegs for the castoff.  It was a pain in the ass.  Looks like I am not the only one who had an issue with them also.  Some people got it on perfectly while others did not.  RNG I guess.  But other than that Levi is nearly perfect!  I really dig her!  I look forward even more to the other TSDS figures I preordered!

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