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The last of my orders from 2017!  Feels good to get everything done, though took a bit longer than I expected since I got lazy and all.  But nonetheless I am finally caught up with all my unboxings with this post!  Getting straight to the point, this is a figure that I was somewhat excited for when I ordered it.  Rem will always be the best girl from Re:Zero and what a way to cement that but with a wedding dress figure from Phat! Company.  Will it live up to expectations?  Find out in this post!

Character: Rem
Origins: Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Anime/Novel)
Version: Wedding ver.
Scale: 1/7
Dimensions: Height – 8.58″
Companies: Phat! Company (Manufacturer)
+Abe Koudai (Sculptor)
+Itandi (Sculptor)
+Saitou Mitsuru (Sculptor)
+Takayama Hideki (Color producer)
+Yutorinko (Color producer)
Release: 12/20/2017
Price: ¥12,000

So this is the final of two figures from my December order.  The figure delay exodus continues and it doesn’t seem like it’ll be stopping anytime soon, almost of my January orders have been delayed already.  As with the first figure, and most of my figures, I ordered this Rem from AmiAmi for ¥10,200 plus the cost of shipping.  There really wasn’t much to show off with this figure, so the photo section is a bit smaller than usual.  Is that a bit of foreshadowing there?

Well I suppose we should get this over with…

Packaging: Pretty basic package for the figure.  How all the things you would expect.  Unfortunately, I think it would had been better if they had not included a window since you can already see what you are getting yourself into right off the bat.  Nothing particularly wrong with the packaging, it just setting us up for disappointment…

Base:  I actually forgot to take photos of the base.  I suppose I was already losing interest with the figure before I even opened it up.  But the base itself is rather plain.  It’s just a circular base with the series logo on it.  Nothing special.

Assembly:  No included instructions, but simply nonetheless.  Insert pegs into holes, and things into hand.  Easy.

Figure:  And then we get to Rem herself.  Honestly speaking the figure is not bad looking.  It’s just not great either.  It’s one of those situations where you get jebaited from the “official” photos and it turns out not as amazing looking in person.  Can’t say I am not disappointed with the figure though it’s not as bad as my first ever figure unboxing, link here if you are interested to see how far I’ve come since then.  Kind of bad that I already had a lukewarm opinion on the figure from looking into the packaging window…  Again there really isn’t anything wrong with the figure, though it definitely did no meet my expectations.  I’ll just leave it at that.

Extras:  None.  Moving on.

Quality:  The quality of the figure is “alright”.  I think I should grow accustom to this from a subsidy of Good Smile Company.  It’s nothing amazing, but not bad either.

Value:  I am a bit conflicted with this.  I personally do not think this figure is worth the market value.  It’s just basic.  Bargain bin/ last convention inventory clearing pricing may be the best time to get the figure.

Final Thoughts:  Well I tried to be objective coming into this unboxing, even after reading some displeasures of the figure from other owners.  While I can say the figure does not look bad, it does not look amazing also.  And unfortunately, that was what I was expecting from this figure.  Phat! got their hands on a gem of illustration to capitalize on Rem’s popularity.  And they bring out this lackluster figure.  Honestly, I should had expected this considering how there other figures are.  Think I’ll lay off the GSC figures for a while, unless Max Factory does something amazing.  Still waiting on that amazing Rem figure though…

And with that I am done with my December 2017 unboxings!  Only ONE figure seems to be making it out of January unfortunately.  But at least it looks to be a good one!  Since I start the school year off this coming week I’ll probably vanish again until next month for that single unboxing.  Motivation for hobbies seem to be lacking from me as of late.  Two sub-par figures definitely did not help that sediment.  Here’s hoping for a better batch in the upcoming months!  As always, thanks for reading!

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