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Wooo!  Back again for another figure unboxing!  Have to get these all done before the weekend, so definitely expect the last unboxing by tomorrow.  To the figure at hand!  It feels like it’s been some time since the last Love Live figure unboxing.  Alter seems to have mastered the craft of developing figures of the girls, not one of their Love Live figures have disappointed me!  Which brings us to this beauty of a figure, here we have the lovely Ayase Eli at 1/7th rocking her SR card outfit from the gacha game Love Live School Idol Festival!

Character: Ayase Eli
Origins: Love Live! School Idol Festival (Anime/Game)
Scale: 1/7
Dimensions: Height – 9.36″
Companies: Alter (Manufacturer)
+Tobita Takafumi (Sculptor)
+Ayabe Ichiro (Color Producer)
Release: 12/11/2017
Price: ¥17,800

Out of everything from my December orders, only TWO figures made it out.  The figure delay exodus continues!  So as per usual, I ordered this figure from AmiAmi for the super low price of ¥15,980!  That was partly sarcasm there, but now that I look at it a near ¥2,000 discount is not too bad.  I decided to go for a shower shipping method, since EMS prices around this time of the year is a little more than I would want to pay.  Still fairly expensive to ship just two boxes but what can you do when everything else was delayed! I was quite excited to unbox this figure, since its definitely a beauty from the box.  Got in some more photos this time and definitely could had taken more if I weren’t so tired.  Anyways enjoy the photos!  Wall of text afterwards.

I don’t think I need to say too much to describe how amazing this figure of Eli looks!  But if the photos were not enough to convince you, I suppose my review should at least work.

Packaging:  I do miss Alter’s hard plastic clear packaging for their figures.  Eli’s package is the standard paper packaging.  Rather large packaging.  Really nothing else to say on this front, the packaging is good.

Base:  Alter has been using the same standard “Love Live” bases for most of their figures.  This one is obviously larger due the longer length of this figure.  Hopefully whenever Alter decides to move onto the Sunshine girls, they’ll come up with a better and new looking base.

Assembly:  For the most part, assembling the figure is fairly easy.  Some people have had problems with inserting her giant “bow” attachment to her.  It requires a bit of force, but not too much.  Placement of her mic plus stand could be a little tricky also. But nothing infuriating or too complicated here.

Figure:  The one thing Alter has never failed to disappoint me on, is how great their figures look!  Eli definitely continues that sediment with how great she turned out!  I can honestly say she looks even better than the original game card illustration that she is based off of!  I think the photos alone can tell the story of how well she looks.  Great looking colors, excellent detailing and a perfect sculpt.  Not much more that I could had asked for.  Alter does it again!

Extras:  Not much in terms of extras.  I suppose adding some nice detailed panties is a form of extra fanservice, which I greatly appreciate.  I’ve seen people do some “modifications” to their figures and removed Eli’s skirt.  Definitely not something I would do.

Value:  It is really hard to judge the “value” of Alter figures.  It really depends on what you would consider to be value.  Just from how the figure looks and the quality of it all, I’d say there is great value with this figure.  I suppose the retention of the dollar “value” of the figure is great with this one, and many of Alter’s other figures honestly.  By no means is this figure cheap.  I could go on my rant about how Alter is once again, ripping holes in their customer’s pockets to get as much from them as possible.  I would be angry if the figure looked like shit.  But Eli doesn’t so it’s hard to be disappointed by the high price tag.

Final Thoughts:  Pricing and generic base aside, this Eli is one amazing looking fig!  Alter has yet to fail to impress me.  The usual GOD-tier level detailing, coloring and sculpting is all evident in this figure.  Definitely a good way to start off my unboxings for the year!

And with that comes the end of this post.  The final figure unboxing from my December orders will be up sometime this weekend.  As always, thanks for reading!

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