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Welp, I finally got off my lazy ass and started to do some unboxings.  Well more like I have to get these done before the end of the week since I’ll be off break in a week.  Derp.  Luckily I don’t have many to do, so I should finish all the unboxings by the weekend.  Anyways, this particular figure comes from way back in November of last year.  Based off an original character from Happoubi Jin’s animated eroge, Bishoujo Mangekyou, we have the delicious vampire Kagarino Kirie at 1/7th scale from Kalmia Project and Native!

Character: Kagarino Kirie
Origins: Bishoujo Mangekyou (Eroge)
Scale: 1/7
Dimensions: Width – 10.14″
Companies: Kalmia Project (Manufacturer), native (Distributor)
-Happoubi Jin (Illustrator)
-Hoshina Eimi (Color producer)
-Erodoujin (Sculptor)
Release: 11/29/2017
Price: ¥19,000

Happoubi Jin is probably one of my favorite eroge character designer, he is also known Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo.  Judging from the artwork the figure is based off of, I knew the figure adaptation would be rather difficult.  I definitely had some reluctance to ordering this figure.  Since this is another native exclusive figure, and honestly I am quite tired of their “quality” of work compared to price.  But this figure had so much potential that I ended up ordering it anyways.

As you can imagine, I ordered the figure from the native Global Store.  The total price for the figure plus shipping was ¥3,100.  Not sure when they increased their shipping prices, but that was the in case here.  In terms of photos, I really wanted to take more.  But with how the figure is set-up, more on that later, it was difficult to get around in my seemingly small light box.  Regardless enjoy the photos I have!

So not as many photos as I was hoping to get.  Not going to lie though, laze played a pretty big part with me wanting to do too much.  Anyways let’s move on to my thoughts!

Packaging:  YUGE.  Kirie is a rather large figure, so you would expect her to come in a giant box.  The box also doubles for her base…  More on that later…  Other than that, it’s just a large shinny black box.

Base:  So the base…  It’s literally a piece of cardboard, with an indenture and red fabric. It feels cheap, its huge, and it’s very disappointing.  The effort used to make it surely wouldn’t be as difficult as including a pillow like case that Kirie can lay on.  This mess though.  Also you can stack the packing inwards and place this piece of shit ontop of it to have some sort of large display base.  Of course because of the weight of the figure, it could slide down, as it did with me.  This was a joke of a base and native should be ashamed believing this is a good idea to save money, oh have the figure is expensive as fuck…  Not worth.

Assembly:  Overall assembly of the figure is quite a breeze.  There are some chains that you can connect to her hands and feet, which was no problem.  Removing pieces wasn’t too hard.  Though putting on her pigtails was a bit of a chore, since the way it looks you believe that it is not on all the way, but it is.  If you consider placing her on the base as part of assembly, then this was ass. The indentures of the base are impossible to see and you have to feel around to get the right sections to place her on.

Figure:  So the one thing that could not go wrong with this figure, was it turning out looking like ass.  And I can happy say, that is not the case here.  Kirie does look amazing.  The colors and paint job look great.  Detailing is alright.  Native definitely needs to refresh their “vagina” template since it looks rather plain and boring.  Even the secondary piece with an inserted dildo is kind of lackluster.  But overall Kirie looks decent.

Extra:  In terms of extras, there is a secondary “bottom” piece that you can swap out.  There is also an included “shoe” that you can place anywhere.  It was just sliding all over the place as I was trying to move the figure around to take photos.

Quality:  Kirie is pretty damn shinny.  The paint is rather glossy so the figure looks “higher quality” than it actually is.  Looking closer though, you will see some imperfections with the figure, shoddy paint work and whatnot.  Somewhat disappointing considering the price of the figure.  Would sort of expert the best looking figure possible.  Decent quality, if that is worth anything.

Value:  None.  Super overpriced.

Final Thoughts:  So I can say I not completely disappointed with the figure.  The shit they are pulling with the base is pretty dumb.  But Kirie at least makes up for it with how she looks.  From a distance, I think she looks the price that you have to drop to get her.  The figure alone could probably take up a whole display case, just from the sheer size of it.  Can’t say I am impressed with the figure, but at least I am not completely disappointed by it.

So that is it for this unboxing.  Expect the next one in a few days!

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