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First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!  Hope everyone had a great holiday season.  It has been several weeks since my winter break started.  Not going to lie, I got really damn lazy.  After a busy school year, I really needed a break.  So I lazed about and played video games, mostly Path of Exile.  In terms of figure front of things, I have one figure from my November orders that I still need to unbox.  Only TWO figures from my December orders made it out alive, and are currently shipping.  Sooner or later I will get the unboxings done, can’t really guarantee when since I am a lazy, but they will get done before I head back to school.  I will probably work on a 2017 review post as I always do.  Just going to be late, probably a month late… We will see..  Other than that I will probably be playing games and lazing about.  Hit me up if you wana game!

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UNBOXING: To LOVEru Darkness - Yuuki Mikan - 1/6 (Max Factory)
UNBOXING: Bishoujo Mangekyou - Kagarino Kirie - Magic Bullets - 1/7 (Kalmia Project, Native)