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I finally have done it!  Took about a week, but I finally caught up with the backlog of figure unboxings!  Finished just in time too, since my week vacation is over.  This one is going to be a short unboxing though, so don’t expect too much.  It’s only been a few days since I unboxed the last figure of this set.  Ironically after two years of nothing, it took them only a month to get the next figure out.  Continuing my unboxing collection of Max Factory’s To LOVEru Darkness Venus figures, we have the latest addition: Yuuki Mikan, everyone’s favorite imouto waifu!

Character: Yuuki Mikan
Origins: To LOVEru Darkness (Manga/Anime)
Other: To LOVEru Darkness Venus Artbook
Scale: 1/6
Dimensions: Height – 9.17″
Companies: Max Factory (Manufacturer)
-Yabuki Kentarou (Illustrator)
-Hirose Hiroyuki (Color producer)
-Nakayaman (Sculptor)
Release: 10/12/2017
Price: ¥11,000

Seems like MF is picking up the pace with these Venus wedding dress figures.  If my math is correct there should only be 4 or so more figures left.  Hopefully then they can move on to converting the girls on the Harem Gold cover into figures.  Regardless I am glad MF is seeing to this collection’s completion.  This is the final figure of my October 2017 orders from AmiAmi.  The figure cost me ¥9,280, the same price as Nana.  Not going to lie, this was a really shot unboxing.  Not speaking of Mikan’s height here…

Packaging:  The packaging for this Mikan is really small.  It’s comparably smaller to the box Nana was shipped in.  Asides from the size, the boxes were pretty much the same.  There is also a nice “embroilment” feel on the box, same as the other figures in the collection.

Base:  I’ll just copy and paste what I wrote for Nana’s base here: “Well can’t say I was expecting something amazing for the base here.  The past three four figures had the same octagon shaped base so to no surprise it returns here for Nana.   It’s definitely not a bad looking base, not really plain.  I suppose for it’s purpose, this included base is fine.”

Assembly:  There is absolutely nothing difficult about Mikan’s assembly here.  I did almost tried to insert her into the base the wrong way at first.

Figure:  What you would expect from MF, you get it here with this figure.  Mikan’s sculpt is what you would expect from her petite body.  She does rock a nice booty though so there is that.  Detailing and coloring are also excellent, no complaints there.  If anything I wished MF would had worked on her face a bit more.  It looks like her eyes are a bit too far apart.  Slightly derping at some viewing angles.  But overall she looks fine.

Extras:  There is none.  Only one pose.  No accessories.

Quality:  As you can probably tell I am getting lazy.  Another copy-pasta: “Everything about this figure feels solid.  Nana Mikan did not feel “cheap” in my hands.  Definitely a quality product made form quality materials.  MF is usually good on this aspect so I wasn’t really expecting a drop in quality or anything.”

Value:  Heh.  For what you get from this figure and how much it costs, almost 100 USD, Mikan is definitely not worth the price.  I wasn’t particularly blown away with how Mikan looked and with no extras… Ehhh that price may be too much.  Even for a fan like myself, I can’t really justify the cost.  Definitely could be a lot cheaper.

Final Thoughts:  Well, this was definitely an underwhelming unboxing compared to the last few.  Can’t really tell if I am disappointed with this figure or not.  Compared to the last four figures of the set, Mikan just doesn’t offer anything that makes her worth her price.  She definitely does not look bad, but then again she does not look amazing.  It probably would not had cost MF much more to add some extras to the figure, like a wedding veil.  Charging the same price for a figure in the same set but offer less just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  I love Mikan and all, but damn did MF screw her over here.  Has been a while but I definitely do not recommend this figure of Mikan at her retail price.  100% overpriced.  At half the price, eh maybe.  If you want to finish the set anyways.

Sooo there you have it.  I have finally caught up with all of my past figure unboxings.  Sorry it took so long, real life can be a bitch.  Unfortunately I will probably vanish again for the next couple of weeks, since it is examination season.  Pretty much all but one of  my November orders were delayed also.  And the one figure that did make it through will not ship until the end of the month.  So pretty much I’ll be gone until mid-Decemberish.  I’ll try to be more active on social media, so if you haven’t already follow me on Facebook.  As always, thanks for reading!

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