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Starting to get back in the groove with these multiple unboxings in a row!  Speaking of consecutive things, this unboxing post will also be the second consecutive Skytube figure!  Can’t remember the last time I had two Skytube unboxings in a row.  Anyways, this next unboxing was a pleasant surprise.  One of those figures you were not expecting much out of, and then it ends up completely blowing you away!  This is one of those figures!  Based off of artwork from Misaki Kurehito, we have an original character Yuzuki Kanna. A “devious” looking school girl at 1/6th scale!

Character: Yuzuki Kanna
Origins: Original Character (Comic AUN)
Other: Skytube
Scale: 1/6
Dimensions: Height – 9.75″
Companies: Alphamax (Manufacturer)
Artists: Hiro (Sculptor), Misaki Kurehito (Illustrator)
Release: 10/27/2017
Price: ¥14,800

Misaki Kurehito’s illustrations have become a mainstay to the sculptors at Alphamax for their Skytube figures.  Much like with Tony Taka’s girls, Kurehito has seen an onslaught of illustrations becoming erofigures.  And if figures turn out as great as this one of Yuzuki Kanna, I’d say keep them coming!  Definitely a spoiler for my upcoming review there…  Anyways. this figure is part of my October 2017 orders from AmiAmi.  The figure cost a little bit more than Yayoi at ¥12,770, though still a fair bit of a discount from the retail value.

This figure definitely was not something I had really high interest in at first.  As you probably learned from my last post, I love LEWD figures, and Yuzuki here definitely is not as lewd as the last figure I unboxed.  So Yuzuki definitely flew under my radar, even though I did preorder her.  As you can expect, she ended up blowing my mind!  Enjoy my barrage of photos of her.  I had a blast taking all of these photos of her.

As you can tell I went a bit overboard with the photos for this figure.  It’s been a while since I had this much fun taking photos of a figure!

Packaging:  Much like the last Skytube figure I unboxed, Yuzuki came in a pretty solid box.  I am guessing SK is bringing back window flaps with their packaging.  It definitely makes the figure a bit more discrete, as long as people don’t turn the box around.  Yuzuki’s box is much smaller than Yayoi’s.  But I do like the colors and photo placements.

Base:  Circular base with a wooden tile like pattern.  The base is really the only “basic” thing of the figure fortunately.

Assembly:  Here’s when things get interesting with this figure.  There are quite a few extra pieces to put together for Yuzuki.  As per the included instruction sheet it is fairly simple to take Yuzuki apart, remove pieces and attaching different pieces.  Nothing too crazy here, until you get to the part where you need to attach her two separate bra cups onto her.  Included with the instructions is a piece of gum glue.  Essentially you have to put a piece of it under the bra cups and stick them onto her breasts.  It’s a fairly simple process but beware and since the gum is fairly oil free, it should not leave any unremovable gunk.

Figure:  As I mentioned before, I did not have much expectations for this figure when I ordered her.  I didn’t particularly think much of how the figure looked despite even preordering her.  How all of that changed when I actually got her out of the box!  Yuzuki looks absolutely stunning!

Speaking of the figure itself, Yuzuki is sporting that sexy JK-Semi-Gal look that just melts old men’s hearts.  I love what AM did here with Yuzuki’s perfectly sculpted bode.  Visually, Yuzuki looks absolutely adorable and sexy, with her breasts bursting out of her shirt and her exposed panties.  And that neck tie.  THAT NECK TIE.

The coloring and detailing are definitely on point here.  I love how detailed the wrinkles on her clothing are.  The thing that sold me on her was definitely her face.  That mischievous smile of hers and visible vampire teeth was just too much for me.  Yuzuki just looks absolutely amazing.  Made props to AM and this beautifully sculpted and crafted figure!~

Extras:  Oh boy are there extras with this figure! From the look of the included accessories, you wouldn’t imagine the possibilities that this figure can offer!  You can probably tell from my photos that I tried to come up with as many posing situations as I could.  And just about any combination of the pieces worked really really well for displaying purposes!  From Yuzuki giving the “V” hand sign with her exposed breasts to her holding onto a filled condom without her skirt.  EVERYTHING LOOKS AMAZING!  There was one piece I found hard to not include in all of the options and that was  her tie pieces.  I just love her the tie enters into a “dark place” and reemerges into the real world.  It was just something too damn sexy to not include.  But of course without her tie also opens up some more posing options.  In a nut shell, EVERYTHING works with this figure.  And that is a damn good thing!

Quality:  I do not think I need to go too much into this but for this reviewing purposes I’ll do it in three words: ABSOLUTELY AMAZING QUALITY.

Value:  Oh boy, I think it is apparent how much value I consider Yuzuki to be.  There is no question that for the many posing options available from her accessories and removable pieces that Yuzuki is completely worth every single yen I paid for her!  Not to mention how amazing she looks overall.  For the price I paid for Yuzuki, she is definitely worth.  Hell I would even pay more for her.  But of course that point is moot since I had no real expectations for her in the first place…

Final Thoughts:  Heh.  I absolutely in love with this figure.  It’s great when a figure just blows away what little expectations you originally had for it.  Yuzuki looks amazing, from her excellent sculpt and detailing.  To her many available posing options.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with this figure that I can think of.  By far probably one of my favorite Skytube figures thus far!  Sure AM has been going crazy with their many Kurehito figures, but if they continue to look as great as Yuzuki..  Damn..  Just keep them coming.

Yes I know this post is much longer than some of my other posts.  Yuzuki just ended up being such an amazing figure that I couldn’t stop!  With that I have one more unboxing post to do.  Expect it sometime later this week.  As always, thanks for reading!

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