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Carrots.  A highly nutritious vegetable that is rich with fiber, vitamin K, potassium and antioxidants.  Great for salads, soups or just simple snack.  What else are carrots good for?  Well this unboxing will answer that question!  Moving on with my current catch-up of figure unboxings, we have the first of my October 2017 orders!  From the eroge Hapymaher, we have the lustrous Yayoi Barnard Lutwidge at 1/6th scale showing us another good use for carrots!

Character: Yayoi Barnard Lutwidge
Origins: Hapymaher (Eroge)
Other: Skytube
Scale: 1/6
Dimensions: Height – 7.02″
Companies: Alphamax (Manufacturer)
Artists: 2% (Sculptor), Koku (Illustrator)
Release: 10/12/2017
Price: ¥14,800

It has been some time since my last Skytube figure unboxing.  Used to be a mainstay of this blog a few years back.  Well, now we are back with a brand new figure from the figure line and it is a doosie!  As I already mentioned, this figure was part of my October 2017 monthly order from AmiAmi.  The figure cost me ¥12,410 plus whatever the total shipping cost for the whole package was.  I haven’t personally played the Hapymaher eroge so I am not too familiar with the characters, though the game was recently licensed by Mangagamers.  I did take a look at the CG and was fairly “intrigued”.  Nonetheless the sheer crazyness of this figure definitely pushed me to order her in the end.  I may have a sudden urge for some carrots though…  Let’s get to the photos!

An interesting take on another usage of carrots!  Maybe this could become a upcoming trend?

Packaging:  Yayoi comes in a fairly large box.  Alphamax decided to go with these boxes with flap windows again, which I do like.  You have a nice silhouette of Yayoi in the front flap of the box.  The original artwork is then on the backside of the flap with a window to the figure to the side of it.  AM does a good job to make the box not look plain as fuck.

Base:  Checkered box circular base.  I suppose this is better than the usual plain bases that they use.  Nothing too fancy, but it does sort of matches the theme of the eroge in way.

Assembly:  AM does package an instruction sheet for Yayoi.  It looks a lot more daunting than it actually is fortunately.  Pieces can be easily pulled off the figure, while pieces are easily “insertable”. Nothing complicated with this figure thankfully.  Fairly straightforward pieces and castoffs.  Pieces that are removable are her head, torso, and her two legs.  The figure comes with a secondary bottom piece that can be swapped on.  Carrot goes in between boobs, carrot into vagina…  EASY!  Only thing I had somewhat of an issue with, was the positioning of her shift panties.  After snapping her torso back on, it was difficult to get the panties positioned correct to expose her vagina, as it looked from the photos.

Figure:  In all honestly, I think AM nailed down Yayoi’s look from the original artwork with this figure.  Yayoi’s face translated well into figure form.  Sculpt-wise, AM did not disappoint.  Yayoi’s glorious body is perfectly sculpted, showcasing her delicious curves and plump exposed bare breasts.  Coloring and detailing are on point also.    The blending of colors of her hair to the patterns on her clothing are all excellently done.  All in all, Yayoi looks great.

Extras: As with most castoffs from AM, Yayoi has many possible posing options.  You can have her with a carrot in her vagina, a carrot in her vagina with her panties on the side (not pictured), or just without the carrot at all.  I suppose all of her posing options really revolve around having something inside of her vagina or not.  I do love the lewdness of it all.  Yayoi does have the usual SK designed vagina, both “closed” and “opened”.  There isn’t much of a reason to remove the carrot in between her breasts though, since it would look weird with the giant hole between her boobs.

Quality:  Am continues to deliver a consistent quality to their SK figures.  I don’t think their figures are getting “better” in a sense, but I do believe their releases have been maintaining a consistent quality.  Figure feels good and looks good.  Nothing to complain about that there.

Value:  Now castoff figures usually have an extra added costs to them, this has been the norm since the beginning of time.  But with how figures are priced nowadays, this figure is actually pretty fairly priced compared to many other SFW scaled figures.  There is always value with these castoff figures with their various posing options.  For what I paid for this figure compared to some solo pose figures, namely from Alter, it really wasn’t that bad of a price!  Still the figure is not cheap, anything over 100 bucks should be considered expensive.  But value-wise, I think Yayoi is a “banger”.

Final Thoughts:  Overall, Yayoi looks good.  I love. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE! Lewd figures.  And Yayoi 100% delivers that with her unique usage of carrots.  And this may sound weird considering my positive review of the figure, if it weren’t for the lewdness I probably would had never bought this figure.  Maybe I’m just not too invested in the character since I never played the eroge.  While she does look good, I don’t think she’s that good to warrant me dropping everything and purchase her.  So what was the deal breaker for me when purchasing the figure?  Carrots…  Ironically, it’s making me interested in checking out the game whenever it is released in English…

So I got this post done quicker than expected.  Thought I was going to laze out after Thanksgiving.  Good news is I have the next figure ready for a write-up, which I will work on after this.  Though the post might not be up until after the weekend though.  As always, thanks for reading.

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