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Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it!  And what a way to celebrate the holiday of being, well… thankful, with another unboxing!   I am definitely aiming to clear out the current backlog of figures I have piling up.  So far I am off to a good start!  Finishing up my September 2017 orders we have the yet again another Saber, from Fate/Stay Night, figure!  This time though, Saber is rocking a race queen outfitting representing the Type-Moon Racing Team at 1/7th scale from Plusone and Stronger!

Character: Saber
Origins: Fate/Stay Night (Visual Novel/Anime)
Other: Exclusive
Version: Type-Moon Racing Ver.
Scale: 1/7
Dimensions: Height – 9.36″
Companies: Plusone (Distributor), Stronger (Manufacturer)
Takeuchi Takashi (Illustrator)
Musasabi YU-ko (Sculptor)
Release: 9/29/2017
Price: ¥12,800

For someone who used to be an “anti-Saber fanboy”, it definitely took sometime for me for the character to grow on me.  Though I’d wish some of the other characters would get some more figure love, I do welcome a great looking Saber figure!  This figure, like several of the past Saber figures I’d unboxed, is manufactured by Stronger.  I’ve been fairly impressed with Stronger’s figures so my expectations were fairly high.  This race queen Saber is actually an exclusive figure, that was sold on Plusone’s webstore.  I was actually able to order the figure from AmiAmi, which was convenient since I could combine it with my monthly orders.  AmiAmi pretty much sold the figure at market value, which is what I paid for her.  Not too bad of a price considering she was supposed to be an exclusive.  Anyways enough rambling, let’s get to the photos!

Before I even get to my thoughts on the figure, I can definitely say I am highly impressed with the results!~  This figure is, in my own opinion, is at the level of Alter releases!  Since this is an exclusive figure that is supposed to be “premium”, I believe Stronger hit all my expectations on that.  Let’s go into a bit more detail!

Packaging:  Saber comes inside a fairly small box.  The designs on the box does give that “race car” feel, with the stripes and advertisements plastered all over them.  Saber is clearly visible with the window and there are plenty of photos of her on the box.  You will know what you are getting when you get this figure.

Base:  The included base is sort of like a piece to larger puzzle.  With the two other figures planned to be released, Morded and Rin, the bases of all three figures are supposed to combine, allowing you to pose all three girls at once.  This is a pretty cool marketing ploy to get you to purchase the other two figures.  The base itself looks pretty nice with a nice coloring and part of a design of the Type-Moon Racing team logo.

Assembly:  The figure did not come with instructions, so you sort of had to figure out how things go together.  It was fairly straight forward.  Saber’s left arm is easily removable and her secondary arm piece slides in easily.  Attaching the Excalibur umbrella to the actual top was fairly easy.  There was some non-intuitive parts to the figure.  First of all, you can remove the cap to the bottom of Excalibur to easily slide it into her hand to hold.  I nearly did not notice that her ahoge was not attached on her head.  The ahoge is neatly hidden within the blister so be careful not to lose it.  Other than those two points, putting Saber together was easy.

Figure:  As you can imagine I am really in love with how this figure turned out!  Not being the biggest Saber fan ever (I know I am starting to sound like a broken record) but hot damn is this figure gorgeous!  The sculpt is perfect, this is a rare thing for me to say for a non-Alter figure.  Detailing is amazing, from the wrinkles on her jacket to the body lines on her exposed chest.  The coloring is absolutely amazing!  Saber looks stunning in this figure.  Cute looking face that matches perfectly with the original artwork.  Everything I would had expected from a premium priced figure!

Extras:  Saber comes in two posing options.  One with her left hand hanging down.  And the second with her holding onto her Excalibur umbrella.  Both poses look stunning.  Though I sort of wished you can incorporate the Excalibur in her first pose. maybe add an sword attachment.  But regardless I do love both of her poses.

Quality:  HIGH PREMIUM QUALITY.  I do not need to say more on this matter.

Value:  For a premium figure, I believe this figure is worth every single yen I spent for her.  Stronger really has come a long ways to proving themselves as being a premium figure manufacturer.  If anything I am willing to let them stand with the likes of Max Factory and Alter in turns of delivering figures actually worth their values.  The price is still pretty steep, but this is an exclusive figure.  And I for one think she is worth the price.

Final Thoughts:  As you can imagine I am very happy with how this figure turned out!  I don’t think I had that high of expectations for the figure coming in but damn.  Stronger is slowly becoming one of my favorite manufacturers with how well their figures are turning out.  Saber looks absolutely stunning in her race queen outfit.  Perfect sculpt, excellent detailing, and beautiful coloring.  Totally recommend getting this figure if you can!

And with that comes an end to my September 2017 orders.  Starting my October orders soon, though not too sure when the post will be up.  Friday at the earliest but probably not…  As always thanks for reading!

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