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And where we are!  The final figure of my August 2017 orders have finally been unboxed.  Still a month behind on unboxings, due to reasons, but I am slowly catching up.  Anyways to end the month with an unboxing is not too bad.  This particular figure was something I was very much looking forward to when I initially saw her preview.  From the Anime series Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress we have the imouto waifu Mumei non-scaled figure from Union Creative International’s Hdge figure line!

Character: Mumei
Origins: Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress (Anime)
Version: Completely Supervised by Haruhiko Mikimoto
Other: Hdge No.17
Dimensions: Height – 9.75″
Companies: Union Creative International Ltd (Manufacturer)
Artists: Mikimoto Haruhiko (Designer), Monolith (Sculptor)
Release: 8/30/2017
Price: ¥14,800

Since you already probably read my excuse on why these unboxings were so late my last uboxing, click here for that, I won’t go over that again.  Anyways, this is pretty interesting figure since it from a manufacturer that I had never bought from before.  I’ve heard of Union Creative International (Union) but I never personally bought a figure from them.  I was a bit on the fence originally over if I should had ordered the figure, but Mumei looks soo damn good that I just had to.  Plus the fact the figure was being designed by the original character designer of the series.  As with the last figure, I ordered Mumei from AmiAmi for ¥13,360 plus shipping.  A bit more pricey for a figure from a manufacturer I am not too familiar with.  Let’s just get into the photos!

Pretty exciting figure from an unfamiliar manufacturer!  Let’s get to my thoughts on the figure!

Packaging:  A fairly decent looking box.  The box is lighter than expected.  The glossyness of it was a bit of an annoyance for trying to take photos of.  But overall the packaging is not bad.  Nothing too exciting nor anything worthwhile to mention about it.

Base:  Mumei comes with a clear ovalish shaped base.  There is a little peg where you insert Mumei into.  Not a particularly interesting base.  It’s fairly plain and boring IMO.  UNION could had put a bit more effort in designing a base.

Assembly:  No instructions were included with the figure, which was kind of lame.  It wasn’t too difficult to figure out though.  Had to look at the box over how the wires had to loop around the figure, but other than that it was fairly easy.  A bit note though, be very careful with how you handle the connected parts…

Figure:  And hot damn the figure turned out as great looking as I was expecting her to be!  Mumei’s sculpt is magnificent.  For being a non-scaled, I think UNION got Mumei’s proportions perfectly.  Detailing was also pretty damn good.  I love how her face turned out, pretty similar to the artwork.  Clothing and accessories are just amazing looking.  In terms of looks, Union definitely put out a high quality looking figure here.

Extras:  There is none.  I suppose the added booty is some sort of fanservice that could be an extra.  Other than that there are not extra frills here.

Quality:  Now this a is a strange section to add after I said the figure “looks high quality”.  But unfortunately, while Mumei looks great the figure is pretty damn fragile.  Remember how I said to be care with the parts during assembly?  Well literally right after I finished shooting the photos for this unboxing, parts of the figure were falling off!  One of the wires that were attached to the gold steam power device got detached.  One of the valves on her rifle also fell off and refused to stay connected.  This is pretty damn disappointing after paying a bit of a premium for this figure.   It’s not even like I handled the figure roughly, parts just decided to fall off the figure!  Again the figure looks damn great, but whatever material they used to put together the figure, from the plastic to glue, is shit tier stuff that easily falls apart.  Beware!

Price:  Now if that quality issue had not occurred I would had definitely said the figure is worth the price.  Let’s face it, Mumei is definitely not a cheap figure.  But if you are going to selling off a figure as “high quality” at a premium,  better make sure you are using the best stuff to make it.  In terms of looks, she definitely worth the value.  But the overall package, not so much.

Final Thoughts:  You know this figure almost had me.  Great looking design, sculpt, painted beautifully and of a character I loved.  If she didn’t just decide to fall apart I would be in love with this figure.  Maybe it was just my figure, though I doubt I’m the only one with these issues.  I definitely do not have enough experiences with UNION to make a clear quality judgment.  It’s definitely not looking good for a second figure from them.  But if I can say one thing about the figure, she definitely “looks” high quality.  Too bad the overall product had to fail outside of looks.

Anyways that is the final figure from my August orders.  I have one figure from my September order and waiting on the last.  I may start on the first unboxing sometime later today, but don’t expect a post until next weekend the earliest.

As always thanks for reading!

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