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Eyyyy-o!  Been some time since my last “real” post.  I know I’ve been lagging as of late and I wish I could say that will be ending soon.  Unfortunately,  I will be a bit preoccupied with things until at least after November.  Regardless I said I will be doing unboxings as they come in and this is definitely a start!  From my August orders that didn’t arrive until recently I have another Alter figure featuring an original Love Live girl, Sonoda Umi.  Based off of her an “idolized” card from the Love Live! gacha game School Idol Festival, Umi is at 1/7th scale.  Let’s not delay it any longer and get straight to it~!

Character: Sonoda Umi
Origins: Love Live! School Idol Festival (Anime/Game)
Scale: 1/7
Dimensions: Height – 7.8″
Companies: Alter (Manufacturer)
Artists: Ayabe Ichiro (Color producer), SaiSai (Sculptor)
Release: 8/8/2017
Price: ¥15,800

This unboxing is definitely late.  Due to some billing issues with AmiAmi, I never received the invoice for August’s figure order until earlier this month.  I’m guessing their system just skipped over the order.  Regardless better late than never right?

This is another Love Live figure released by Alter based off of cards from the gacha mobile game School Idol Festival.  Though I do like the girls from the original series, I do wish Alter would move on to the Sunshine girls soon.  Anyways you get the usual story here with this figure.  Alter once again gorging the price for these figures at some insane numbers.  As I already mentioned I purchased the figure from AmiAmi and she was priced at ¥14,300.  Pop in shipping costs and of course the figure is pretty damn expensive.  So did Alter deliver another amazing looking figure?  Or have I finally been duped by them.  Let’s find out!

Feeling a bit rusty from not doing an unboxing for a while.  But nonetheless I got through this first one!  As per usual I’ll be going over several aspects of the figure now.

Packaging:  The usual Alter packaging.  Nice pastel color cardboard box with a window and some decent photos of the figure.  Not sure when Alter stopped using the clear hard plastic boxes for their releases.  I think I would had much preferred that over the paper stuff.

Base:  As per usual for Alter’s Love Live figures, including is a rather plain circular white base with some fancy shapes and text on it.  Sort of wished Alter would put a little bit more effort into their bases.  I guess the argument here is that doing so will take away from the actual figure, if that is even a valid argument here.  Overall, nothing special.  I definitely do not hate it.

Assembly:  SUPER SIMPLE.  The hardest part is probably peeling off the tape and removing the figure from the plastic blister.  Getting the wire of Umi’s mic to loop around was fairly simple.  I’d imagine the difficultly is based off of how precise you want the wire to position.  I didn’t care for that as much.

Figure:  Well, what can I say.  Alter has failed to disappoint me once again.  I know I am starting to sound like a broken record when it comes to Alter and their figures, but I don’t think you can blame me with how well their figures always turn out!  Umi literally looks like a 3D copy of the original artwork from the game card.

Sculpt is perfect.  I really don’t think I need to say much here, as the photos should showcase that.  Coloring is again, perfect.  Those color producers that Alter employs are really pulling their weight.  Match that with amazing detailing throughout the figure.  Umi’s clothing looks amazing!  Though I can’t say I am surprised over how well the figure looks.  It would be more surprising if I did not like how an Alter figure turned out at this point.  (Certified Alter fanboy here!)

Extras:  The one thing Alter figures lack, is really any sort of extras.  I suppose the addition of visible panties is a nice form of fanservice.  Other than that, nothing too special or crazy here.

Value:  Here’s a new section I decided to add to my unboxings.  Not sure why I never thought to talk about the price of my orders before…

Anyways, Umi is one damn expensive figure.  Nearly ¥15,000 you would expect the figure to come with many extras or even some sort of pervy castoff.  But alas that is not the case with Alter and their Love Live figures.  I have mentioned this before with my past Love Live figure orders from Alter, the company is out to milk fans for everything they are worth.  It is obvious with the much higher price point for these Love Live figures.  Not sure if it’s some sort of licensing fee that they have to make up, though I doubt they need to worry about that with how successful the figure line has been.  But these figures are wayyy too expensive for the average collector.

You can argue that the value lies within Alter’s amazing work, but when they have other just as amazing figures for much less but from lesser popular series that argument becomes moot.  I 100% agree that is some sort of shenanigans going on with the pricing for these Love Live figures.  Can I blame Alter for doing it though?  Probably not.  Hardcore fans will get the figures regardless of the price, as long as they have their waifus.  It is the unfortunate mindset of fans.  I am definitely guilty of that mindset sometimes.  Though I wouldn’t mind these figures being a little bit cheaper…

Final Thoughts:  As per usual for an Alter figure, I believe my last few unboxings have been Alter figures, Umi did not disappoint.  An amazing looking figure crafted beautifully with all the bells and whistles of a typical Love Live figure from Alter.  There really isn’t much to complain about other than the price, but you can read my rant on that in the above section.  For hardcore Umi or Love Live fanboys, I definitely recommend this figure.  Umi looks fucking amazing, and getting her for a bit under retail price is definitely a steal.

Anywho, that is is it for the first unboxing from my August 2017 orders.  Another unboxing will be up sometime this week or weekend, depending on how busy and/or lazy I get.  As always though, thanks for reading!

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