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Well this is coming out a bit later than I was planning.  A few things happened and my schedule got a bit hectic as of late, doesn’t help that in my free time I’ve been addicted to Path of Exile again.  July figure unboxings two months late?  Yeah expect more of that for a while.  Anyways this unboxing is for a figure from the good people at Hobby Japan and Alter!  From the light novel/Anime/game Hyakka Ryouran ‘Samurai Girls” we have the always lovely Yagyu Jubei at 1/8th scale in an alluring wedding dress “Final Bride Ver”.  Whatever that means…

Character: Yagyu Jubei
Origins: Hyakka Ryouran (Anime, Light Novel)
Version: Final Bride Ver.
Other: Exclusive

Scale: 1/8
Dimensions: Height – 10.53″
Companies: Alter (Manufacturer), Hobby Japan (Distributor)
Artists: Amato (Sculptor), Watanabe Takamasa (Color producer)
Release: 7/21/2017
Price: ¥14,800

Anyways I actually had all the photos done for this particular figure last month.  However, due to an unfortunate mishap with the second figure from my July orders I delayed things and sort of forgot about everything, DERP!  More on the other figure after the post if you are really interested.

SOOO this figure is another Hobby Japan exclusive figure.  The figure was manufactured by Alter and distributed from Hobby Japan.  This Jubei is based off of artwork from the Hyakka light novel.  I ordered this figure from Nippon Yasan for ¥16,480 plus shipping.  Total with shipping was around ¥18,000, a bit expensive for SAL Registered shipping but whatever.  I would rant more but I just want to get to the photos.  So let’s just get to it!

Anyways following the same format from the last unboxing…

Packaging:  Fairly nice packaging art on the box.  Since this is a Hobby Japan exclusive the packaging does feel a bit more premium.  No window showcasing the figure or anything but I think most people know what they are getting when they order these exclusive figures.

Base:  A circular base with some nice etchings on it.  The base was designed with a metal peg that you slip on top Jubei’s foot.  It was fairly easy to get on but I did not like how it looked like it it could snap off the plastic heel of Jubei’s shoes.  But still a fairly decent looking base.

Assembly:  My issue with the base peg aside, putting Jubei together was really easy.  Pieces easily attached and detached from each other.  Slipping her sword in her hands was also pretty simple.  The instructions does make it all look very daunting, especially the castoff portions.  But I can assure you it was stress free.

Figure:  So right to the things that really matter!  Jubei “Final Bride Ver.” is one amazing looking figure!  I think we all knew that before when she was revealed for ordering.  Sculpt-wise I could not be happier with how she turned out.  Alter masterfully crafted the curves of Jubei’s body to perfection, something that we should all be used to now.

Detailing is at the usual Alter level of godly.  Just mentioning all the good little to major things to the detailing of the figure would take up a whole write-up, something I will opt out of doing!  Coloring is once again emphasized with another Alter figure.  I slight grayish-white color of her dress really does remind me of how wedding dresses should look, despite how overly erotic Jubei’s dress is.

The one thing I think Alter could had improved upon is Jubei’s face.  It looks fine overall but I think it could look better.

Extras:  Considering Alter was doing the sculpting of the figure, can’t say I was really expecting this Jubei to be a castoff.  Somehow even with it being shown from the preview photos I couldn’t believe it.  It definitely brings in a whole new level of excitement!  Plus more posing options just means added value to another great looking figure!  I really hope Alter does some castoff figures for this normal figures in the future.  A little bit of ecchi wouldn’t hurt…

Final Thoughts:  As you can imagine, I am highly impressed with this figure!  I already knew before receiving the figure that I was not going to be disappointed, I mean this is being made by Alter.  Jubei definitely hit all the right marks.  Her wedding dress is simply beautiful, detailed amazingly.  Top that off with already out of this world detailing and coloring from Alter PLUS a castoff option.  Oh my!  Definitely worth the investment I put in for her.  I would highly recommend the figure to everyone if they have the chance to get her at a reasonable price, though good luck with that.

Anyways that is it for this unboxing and unfortunately of my July orders.  I had another figure come in and was in the middle of unboxing.  The figure was a brand new Skytube figure “Fukiishi Hana” based off of artwork from Misaki Kurehito.  The figure had an interesting castoff option of switching “vaginal” pieces.  You had to stick an include “stick” into her that would pop out some vaginal piece for another.  Well in the process of struggling getting the pieces to come out I broke the tool needed to get the job done.  I did ended up gluing the tool back to together but haven’t found time to continue my struggles of getting the pieces out.  I ended up packaging the figure back and leaving it to the side to get done some other time.

Honestly I do not know when I’ll get to it, or if ever.  Things are starting to get hectic with the school year starting again plus my free time goes to PoE.  For now though I’ll put unboxing that figure on the back burner.  It did look like a great looking figure, just the castoff was a bit much.  I’ll have another post done this week to wrap up my preorders from the past month so look forward to that instead.  As always thanks for reading!

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