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With July finally coming to an end (holy crap has it been a long month) I supposed I should at least finish up last month’s orders.  And for your information the Summer delay apocalypse is still going strong with nearly all of my July orders getting delayed.  I digress, it’s a little over a year since my last Saekano (Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata) figure.  Since the second season just ended it’s the perfect time to get new figures of the girls in!  Getting things started this year is of course the “second” best girl in the series, Katou Megumi at 1/7th scale from Good Smile Company in deliciously sexual pose!  Let’s get to it…

Character: Katou Megumi
Origins: Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata (Light Novel/Anime)
Scale: 1/7
Dimensions: Height – 4.88″
Companies: Good Smile Company (Manufacturer)
Artists: Iwabitsu (Color producer), Misaki Kurehito (Illustrator),
Urakawa Akinori (Sculptor)
Release: 6/15/2017
Price: ¥9,000

As I mentioned in my last post, not many of the figures that were supposed to come out in June actually made it out.  In fact not many of those figures even survived making it out of July also.  Good Smile Company (GSC) seems to becoming the defacto manufacturer for Saekano figures as right now and that seems to be a continuing trend into the next set of figures from the second season.  This particular figure of Katou is based off of artwork from the original light novel illustrator Misaki Kurehito (who is also known for many Skytube figures).  Being part of my AmiAmi monthly orders, this figure was shipped along side the rest of my June orders.  The figure cost me ¥7,620, which is a fairly decent discount.  I really liked what GSC has done with their past Saekano figures, so I was definitely looking forward to this cute Katou!  Without further ado let’s get to the photos!  Comments after the photos as always.

So I decided to do things a bit differently with this post and go back to how I used to break things up for my unboxings,  I think this would be the best way going forward with these unboxings.

Packaging:   Fairly basic packaging and design here.  Basic front window with some side artwork and photos of the figure on the back.  Nothing special or eye-popping like some other figure boxes, namely those from Max Factory.  Included in the package is Katou (the figure), an beret accessory, the base and a postcard of the artwork.

Base: A very basic looking circular base.  There is some fluffy material on the base that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.  I feel like they are just using some extra bare bases for this figure and didn’t bother designing something original for it.

Assembly: Katou is super simple and easy to put together.  There are some parts of her that are covered in plastic that you have to remove, but taking her apart and putting her back together really is a breeze.

I did have some issues with her though.  First of all her beret/hat doesn’t exactly go on perfectly.  There is no clear instructions of the correct/optimal way to position it onto her head.  Usually there are clear indentations in the inside of the piece or a magnetic that clicks it into place.  There is none of that with this beret.  Even though I got it to stay on her head, it didn’t really look like it was snugged on and could easily be knocked off.

Second issue I had was with the base.  Not that it was plain and simple, but the fluffy material was getting in the way of the pegs connect the base to her foot.  It made the figure feel loosely connected to the base and could easily be knocked off.  I think trimming some of the material around the pegs may correct the issue but still.  The fluffy stuff is a bit unnecessary.

Figure:  Katou herself though is a pretty good looking figure.  Her sculpt and pose are spot on from the artwork.  GSC perfectly molds Katou body and assets.  In terms of color usage I am really impressed with how vibrant Katou looks.  GSC seems to be taking the Alter route by giving more emphasis to their color usage, which is a damn good thing.  Detailing is pretty well done overall.  I love the wrinkles in her sweater and clothing, gives the figure a bit of a realistic look.  The small itchings of her shirt design and the little details on her visible bra is also very impressive.  I do like the blends of colors in the tips of Katou’s hair, it is very Anime-eqse.  Overall Katou looks very good.  A cute and somewhat sexual looking figure.

Extras:  In terms of extras, Katou come with an accessory beret that you can pose her with.  But the thing that I was very happy to see was the castoffable skirt.  This is definitely an surprising and welcomed extra!  It looks a little bit weird because you need the her bow/belt to hide the gap between her stomach and lower half.  The posing option definitely makes the figure more lewd, as it reveals Katou’s panties and deliciously plump booty.  I don’t think it makes the figure look better, but for us pervs out there this is pretty awesome.

Final Thoughts:  Overall, Katou is a great looking figure for the price.  She doesn’t blow you away from how she looks, but looks good enough to want for collection purposes.  Her sculpt and pose are excellent.  Coloring is great with no real visible QA issues.  Though her base may be a bit frustrating to deal with, the way Katou looks definitely makes up for that short coming.  I definitely recommend this fairly affordable figure of Katou.  I really do hope to see more Saekano figures coming up, mainly those of the best girl…

As always thanks for reading!

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