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Well this ended up being later than usual but at least it’s finally here.  Not too surprisingly that my June monthly orders ended up being a lot smaller than it was initially going to be.  There’s something about the summer months where manufacturers seem to be unable to get any of their releases out on time.  Anyways this particular figure was supposed to be released way earlier this year but somehow ended up coming out this late.  The best girl from To LOVEru Darkness, Momo Deviluke!  At 1/4th scale she is joining Yami as part of FREEing’s B-Style bunny suit figure line!

Character: Momo Belia Deviluke
Origins: To LOVEru Darkness (Manga/Anime)
Other: B-Style
Version: Bunny Suit
Scale: 1/4
Dimensions: Height – 9.36″
Companies: FREEing (Manufacturer)
Release: 6/7/2017
Price: ¥22,000

Since so many figures ended up being delayed from my June order (July was even worse) I decided to go for a slightly cheaper shipping for this order.  Of the 7+ figures that was supposed to come out only 2 made out of the month without being delayed.  Since I remembered how YUGE the last B-Style figure was I definitely did not want to pay a super premium price for the shipping just because this figure was going to take up all the space.  As always I ordered the figures from AmiAmi.  Momo cost me ¥18,400, hardly a discount but anything for a waifu.  I went with SAL shipping this time around to save a bit as I already mentioned.  Anyways let’s not waste anymore time and go straight to the photos!  Comments after the photos as always.

Sooo, you can imagine how big this figure is from just the scale alone.  It definitely wasn’t as big as FREEing’s Yami due to the pose.  But Momo is definitely big.  The box for the figure barely even fit in my lightbox, but that was expected from the size.  But let’s talk about the figure itself.

I can honestly say I am definitely not disappointed by this figure of Momo.  FREEing did an excellent job, as they did with Yami, to make Momo look amazing.  Momo’s sculpt is pretty nice.  Considering the scale and size, FREEing did have a lot of plastic to work with to the get the sculpt right.  Her body is sculpted beautifully, showcasing her delicious curves and round booty.  They even gave her a six pack!

Detailing is nothing amazing but is acceptable.  There isn’t really much to have to detail since the figure is mainly solid colors.  I do approve of her face as it is very cute and a little bit sexual.  The actual fabric “fishnet” stocking is always a great addition.  Coloring is fairly simple.  Not much blending of colors outside of Momo’s hair but from her clothing I don’t think there’s much need for that.

Quality-wise, there isn’t anything to complain about for the figure.  Pretty spot on job from FREEing here.

The one thing I wish FREEing added to this figure of Momo is some sort of castoff.  Like they did with their Highschool DxD B-Style figures.  I was really disappointed that they decided to not include them in these To LOVEru Darkness figures.  I mean it’s not like the girls from the series do not literally get naked each chapter.

Overall though, FREEing’s Momo 1/4th scale Bunny Style figure is excellent.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with the figure, asides from maybe the size.  Because of the size though the price is a little bit high.  So unless you’re a huge To LOVEru Darkness/Momo fan I cannot really recommend the figure.  With that though I can probably say this will be the last B-Style figure for me.  They are simply just too big.  Maybe in the future when I get a bigger place and have more freedom of where I can display and store my figures…  As always thanks for reading!

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