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Finishing up the last unboxing from my May 2017 order a bit later than I was planning.  As I mentioned several times already the summer has brought forth a new level of laze from me.  But I’ll get things done eventually.  Anyways we have a figure from the rhythm game Persona 4: Dancing All Night,  this is the lovely Kujikawa Rise at 1/8th scale in her Arabian Armor outfit from Aquamarine and Good Smile Company.

Character: Kujikawa Rise
Origins: Persona 4: Dancing All Night (Game)
Version: Arabian Armor

Scale: 1/8
Dimensions: Height – 8.19″
Companies: Aquamarine (Manufacturer), Good Smile Company (Distributor)
Artists: Abira (Sculptor), Hoshina Eimi (Color producer)
Release: 5/29/2017
Price: ¥14,800

I wasn’t too impressed with the last Aquamarine figure that I unboxed, so I was sort of on the fence when ordering this figure.  Sometime down the line I ended preordering Rise.  Rise is wearing a costume from the Dancing All Night game.  This figure was part of my May 2017 orders and cost me ¥12,360 from AmiAmi.  Not too sure if I was expecting much from the figure considering my last Aquamarine figure, but Rise looked pretty damn good from the prototype.  Let’s see how she turned out and if I would regret my decision to get her….

So Aquamarine definitely won me back a little bit with this figure of Rise.  Though the figure is far from perfect.  Probably more so on the average side if anything.

Rise’s sculpt is nice.  Her body and clothing are sculpted perfectly and I love the body detailing.  Her pose is just as the artwork the figure is based off of.   There are some awkward viewing angles of the figure.  Seeing at her overhead from the side makes it look like her head is flat.  It’s a pretty bizarre look.

The coloring and painting is fairly average.  I do like the blend of colors with parts of her clothing.  Painting is good overall for the figure, though it does get a bit sloppy once there are some finer parts that need detailing though.  I do wish they figure was more like the artwork with the transparent clothing, would had definitely looked better.

Don’t get me wrong though, Rise does look good.  I love her face and her pose.  But there are so many things that Aquamarine could had done to make her better.  The figure is fairly small also, though not as small as the last Aquamarine figure I unboxed.  There’s also the issue with the random scratch on my Rise.  Not even sure if that could had been caused from shipping, even then the plastic blister didn’t look like it could had caused any damage.

Overall, Rise is a decent figure.  Fanboys will love her she looks and for them I think I could recommend the figure.  However, for the average collector the price and the quality of the figure do not match up.  As with the last Aquamarine figure I unboxed I think Rise is heavily overpriced.  Maybe for a discounted price, somewhere in the ¥7k to ¥8k range I might see some value with the figure brand new.  Anything over that is definitely robbery.  This just makes me even more wary of future Aquamarine figures…

Thanks for reading!

-EKing (eking@en3rds,com)

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