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Moving on with my May 2017 orders, we have some “figures” that I have been very much looking forward to!  April seemed to have been the month of bunny girls with spring.  While with the start of summer in May, it is now time for nekomimis!  I think that sort of matches the season…  Regardless from our good friends over at Atler, we have Charlotte Dunois and Laura Bodewig from the ecchi mecha Anime IS: Infinite Stratos in some sexy nekomimi pajamas!  This isn’t just one figure though, they are both separate unique figures that can be displayed with each other or alone!  Two figures in one box?  Hell yeah!  Let’s get started~!

Character: Charlotte Dunois, Laura Bodewig
Origins: IS: Infinite Stratos (Anime, Light Novel)
Version: Nekomimi Pajama
Scale: 1/7
Dimensions: Height – 8.58″
Companies: Alter (Manufacturer)
Artists: Tanaka Touji (Sculptor), Tetsumori Nanami (Color producer)
Release: 5/9/2017
Price: ¥16,800

As I already mentioned this is two SEPARATE figures in one box!  When Alter first revealed these figures, I initially thought that the two girls would be glued together or made from the same mold of plastic.  NOPE!  Both Charlotte (Char) and Laura are separate figures.  I was pleasantly surprised by this.  Anyways, these figures were part of my May 2017 order from AmiAmi.  The figures cost me ¥15,810 plus whatever the total was for the orders.  Not much more to say.  Being an Alter figure and already looking great from the prototype photos, my expectations were fairly high for this set.  Onto the photos!

Hot damn!  What an amazing set of figures!  Leave it to Alter to just blow my mind, as usual.

First of all the sculpt of the two girls are just perfection.  The contours of their bodies through their poses are excellent.  The detailing is absolutely amazing, such as the wrinkles in their clothing due to how their bodies are positioned.  I always knew Alter had the talent to make some excellent sculpts but these two definitely it up a few more notches of excellence!  Their poses work blend together perfectly, looking quite amazing and adorable.  There is absolutely nothing wrong in this department!

The coloring is, of course, stunning.  Alter has been emphasizing their use of coloring for their figures for quite some time now.  It’s become such an important factor to them that now they even list their “color producers” right on the box of the figure!  This set of figures definitely stays true to their mission.  I love the color choices for the two girls.  Laura in a black/dark grey and Char in a light pink nekomimi pajamas.  The blends of colors work perfectly together and make the figure look even more amazing than it already does.

I already mentioned the excellent detailing of the sculpt of the two girls.  But there are always other amazing things with the figures.  I love the additions of the whiskers on the girls nekomimi pajamas.  A bit of a warning though, the whiskers did feel a bit frail and could easily snap off.   So a bit of caution should be had when dealing with those.  Asides from the whiskers the contrasting colors of “neko” parts such as their ears and hands/legs and paws are also beautifully done.  The girls faces are also beautifully detailed.  Nothing derp looking at all, something Alter has excelled at.

In terms of extras, Laura had an removable eyepatch that definitely added a quite of a bit of value to the set.  By removing the eyepatch, Laura’s expression changes soo much.  Sure it sounds like nothing but seeing it yourself it’s like looking at a whole different figure!  Char did not come with any extra perks, which is a bit disappointing. But she looks great as it is.

The only real issue I had with the set was while displaying the with the base upright, it  was hard to position Char correctly onto the base.  There are some indentures in the base with a magnetic that would hold the girls down.  However getting Char in the correct position took a bit more shifting than I wanted to do.  Laura was fairly easy to get on, since her pose wasn’t too reliant on positioning.  It’s a minor issue, but one nonetheless.

Value-wise, you can not go wrong with getting this figure!  Alter could had easily sold both of the girls separately for over ¥10,000 easily.  But for about ¥16,000 this is a steal!  Both of the girls look absolutely amazing and both have the same amount of quality put in them as any other standalone Alter figure.  The fact that they are together in a package and sold for this low of a price is freaking amazing.

Overall, I really do think this set of figures is one of my candidates for figure(s) of the year.  Laura and Char look absolutely stunning and could easily be their own standalone figures.  For the price you cannot go wrong at all with getting these girls.  I honestly think you do not even have to be a fan of the Anime to appreciate how amazing these two figures look.  If you can get your hands on this figure, I would highly recommend it.  Even for a bit more, due to aftermarket pricing, I would still believe the girls would still be worth it.  Excellent figures, excellent pricing.  Perfection.  Alter does it again!  As always thanks for reading!

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