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Well time for more Project-H goodness!  Seems like the only two publishers I buy manga from nowadays are just Yen Press and Project-H…  I decided to pick up a new book from Project-H recently.  It’s Makunouchi Deluxe vol.1 by Johji Manabe, who is probably more well known for Ring x Mama.  I ordered the book from Amazon this time for $11.88 with .95cents tax for a total of $12.83, with free shipping of course.

Photos taken with my phone’s camera, it’s a Samsung S3 if you really wanted to know…

IMG_20140116_212524Front cover.
IMG_20140116_212544Back cover with synopsis.




IMG_20140116_212818A cute illustration of the main heroine.

Makunouchi Deluxe was actually a pretty enjoyable read.  The plot is pretty interesting for a hentai manga.  I love Rei, the main heroine, and she gets the most action in the book.  It’s good to note that this book isn’t uncensored like some of Project-H’s books.  But don’t let that deter you from checking this book out, it is pretty good.  As usual Project-H did an excellent job with this release.  Think I’ll be getting the other volumes whenever they released, think it’s only three volumes total sooo yeah…

Speaking of more Project-H stuff though…

IMG_20140116_212847Power Play by Yamatogawa.

So that second copy of Power Play that I forgot about actually came in the mail this week also…  This was from my first preorder which I got from Rightstuf before I ordered it for full price at Project-H’s webstore for the free poster…  Rightstuf had it up for $13.46.  Would had been perfect if they got the free posters too…  Not too sure what to do with this second copy…  If you weren’t able to tell before I am love with this book, probably one of my favorite eromangas.  It’ll stay sealed though for now…

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