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The laze is real!  Well never fear though, now that I am surrounded by figures with nowhere to move I suppose I should get these unboxings done sooner than later!  I start off my May 2017 orders unboxing with yet another native figure.  Yes I know, I did not have too kind of words on my last native unboxing.  But I did order this figure before I received that last one.  This is another figure part of native’s “Creator’s Collection” which is artwork from the artist Parsley.   This is an original character named Saionji Nadeshiko at 1/6th scale.  Let’s see how this native figure fares….

Character: Saionji Nadeshiko
Origins: Original Character
Other: Creator’s Collection, Exclusive
Scale: 1/6
Dimensions: Height – 6.63″
Companies: native (Manufacturer)
Artists: Grizzry Panda (Sculptor), Parsley (Illustrator)
Release: 5/19/2017
Price: ¥14,500

As usual this is an exclusive figure from native, made to order.  I ordered the figure from the native global store for ¥14,500 plus ¥3,000 EMS shipping.  Not exactly the cheapest figure but then again it is an exclusive figure.  The figure is based off of the artwork of Nadeshiko by the artist Parsley.  Originally I was not planning on ordering the figure, since I was not sold on how she looked.  But eventually I caved in and ended up ordering her.  Unfortunately this was all before the recent strings of lackluster native figures.  It was all too late by the time I ordered her.  So I suppose I am just stuck with this figure, for better or worse.  Let’s get straight to it, scroll below to see my disappointment or pleasant surprise?

Now then on to my thoughts of the figure!

Sculpt-wise,  I am honestly surprised at how well native sculpted this figure.  Nadeshiko’s curvy body looks great in her loose hakama that is barely hanging on her body.  She looks just as great without her top with a perfect Anime waifu-“esqe” curves.   No weird looking boobs on this figure, unlike a past few native figures.  Her pose is perfect also.  Nothing too awkward looking, something more natural.  Love how they sculpted a bit of bone structure on her body. Looks a bit more realistic, though that is not saying much.

The coloring of this figure is fairly good.  Nothing too crazy but then again nothing amazing neither.  This definitely is not a bad thing considering how basic the coloring is in the artwork, but you would had expected a bit more for the price.

The detailing is definitely better than the last native figure I unboxed, which is pleasantly surprising.  The wrinkles on her clothing and how the bottom of her hakama is barely hanging onto her legs looks amazing.  Nadeshiko’s face looks great at almost any viewing angle.  That was probably the main thing I was worried about from the prototype photos, derpy looking face.  But it’s safe to say that this figure does not suffering from that.  Her kendo stick is nicely detailed though,  Sort of looks like a real kendo stick.

Cast-off was fairly simple.  Be careful pulling off her arms since they can easily make contact onto her blue hakama skirt leaving marks.  Pieces go in fairly easily though, making the castoff an ease.  Wished there was an option to remove her skirt also.  But considering how much contact that piece has with the blue skirt I’d imagine it would be a nightmare for marks.  Nadeshiko does have an “vagina” but is the typical native copypasta vagina.  A bit of more detailing would had been nice, but the place is kind of hard to view with her skirt in the way.

Overall, I am pleasantly surprised with how well this figure turned out.  Compared to native’s Sexual Stewardess, which was a massive disappointment to me, this figure is by fat light years better!  It’s definitely not the flashly figure, in fact it is pretty plain, but it is an improvement from some older native figures.  Unfortunately, an “improvement” may not be enough to warrant an actual purchase of the figure.  This will probably be pretty expensive now that initial orders are through.  At stock price, I suppose I would recommend the figure.  But at a premium price, you may want to hold off or try to get a used figure if you really want her.  As always thanks for reading and look forward to some more unboxings soon!

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