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And here we are!  After a months delay I caught up with all of my figure unboxings!  Honestly now that I think about it, it wasn’t that many figures to begin with.  Regardless, I’m glad I didn’t rush the unboxings until I was completely free from other obligations.  Now onto the last figure from my April 2017 orders!  For years I’ve been saying I’ve wanted a Super Sonico figure.  I almost pulled the trigger several times on other figures.  But not until now that I finally got my hands on a real Sonico figure!  And it is a beaut!  From the good people at Max Factory we have this Sonico at 1/7th scale Racing ver. repping the Good Smile Racing team!

Character: Sonico
Origins: SoniAni: Super Sonico The Animation (Anime)
Version: Racing ver.
Scale: 1/7
Dimensions: Height – 8.58″
Companies: Max Factory (Manufacturer)
Artists: Hirose Hiroyuki (Color producer), YOSHI (Sculptor)
Release: 4/25/2017
Price: ¥13,800

It has been sometime since I unboxed a Max Factory figure.  Funny how this figure wasn’t worked on directly by Good Smile Company, considering how Sonico is covered with logos for their race team.  But nonetheless I am glad Max Factory did the actual legwork for this figure, considering their excellent track record.  As usual, I ordered this figure from AmiAmi, being part of my monthly orders from April 2017.  The figure cost me ¥11,440 plus the shipping costs for all of the figures.  Pretty reasonably priced for once.  Anyways I am quite excited to get to the photos for this figure, so let’s just jump to it~!

Annnd once again Max Factory has found a way to impress me even further!  After years of neglecting Sonico figures I am damn glad I choose this figure to finally pop that cherry!

MF has done an excellent job sculpting this figure.  It’s a bit weird to say but I think this figure has a pretty “realistic” body sculpt for someone of Sonico’s body type, and that is considering how out-of-this world her body is already.  The bone structure sculpted onto her sides as she is leaning forward with this pose is pretty damn good.  Many manufacturers would leave a small detail like that out, making the characters less detailed.

Asides from the sculpt though, the coloring is fantastic on this figure.  Great blending of colors in her hair and on various parts of her clothing.  And then her face, PERFECTION!  Not many figures are able to pull off having a perfect looking face at every viewing angle.  This figure is definitely lacking that DERP face and that is amazing.  She just looks absolutely amazing.  Nothing to be embarrassed about to display.

Overall I absolutely love this figure and I am 100% happy I choose this to be my first Sonico figure.  No need for castoffs or anything special like that.  Just a reasonably priced, beautifully sculpted, detailed and colored figure.  This Sonico checks all of those requirements easily.  Definitely worth the money if you can get your hands on her!  As always thanks for reading!

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