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Got this unboxing done a little bit later than I was planning.  Not going to lie, this new found sense of freedom has made me lazy.  But I’ll definitely get the last my April orders done before the end of the month along with some preorder posts I forgot to do.  Anyways I digress, back to this unboxing!  It has been a while since our last native figure unboxing.  I was pretty excited when they first revealed this figure since it’s related to one of native’s greatest figure their ‘Sexual Police”.  This time we the “Sexual Stewardess” at 1/7th scale.

Character: Sexual Stewardess 
Origins: Original Character
Other: Creator’s Collection, Exclusive
Scale: 1/7
Dimensions: Height – 9.17″
Companies: native (Manufacturer)
Artists: Manabe Natsuki (Sculptor), Tatami (Illustrator)
Release: 4/12/2017
Price: ¥14,000

So this figure is based off of artwork from Tatami, who is also the illustrator that illusive Sexual Police figure.  Since I stupidly missed out on Sexual Police and have always hated myself for doing so, I wasn’t going to let myself pass up on this stewardess even if I wasn’t completely sold on her.  Like every other native figure, this is another made-to-order exclusive.  Originally the figure was set to be released in March but was not surprisingly delayed into April.  I purchased the figure from the native global store for ¥15,000 plus ¥3,100 EMS shipping.

Not really much else to say here.  I do have to mention that I was not too happy with how these photos turned out.  Definitely not my best work.  But way too lazy to retake them, derp!  Onto the photos!

UNBOXING: Creator’s Collection – Sexual Stewardess – 1/7 (Native)

So another unboxing bites the dust!  Almost all caught up  with my unboxing backlog, so we should be back to usual business soonish.  Anyways onto my thoughts on this figure.  I definitely was expecting a lot more from this figure than what was given.  Don’t get me wrong the figure is not terrible at all.  It’s just average and that’s really it.  Expecting something similar or better to what native’s amazing Sexual Police figure was definitely made this so much more disappointing.

There are things that I liked about this figure, but honestly nothing was amazingly done or stands out for me to really mention.  For an exclusive figure, especially for one that cost this much, it should had blown my socks off and left me wanting more.  Instead I am just left asking “Is this it?”.  I guess this is to be expected seeing how native’s figure quality has been declining rapidly over the past few years.  This just makes it harder for me to want to commit to another native figure in the future (spoiler alert it didn’t matter much).  Again I don’t think the figure is bad, it’s just not amazing.

I definitely cannot recommend this figure.  It’s overpriced and while its not bad, it’s just average.  An average, overpriced figure.  What’s new in the world right?  It’s is definitely time to left go of the past and move on from native’s past glory.  They have a lot of work to do to get on their past level.  As always, thanks for reading!

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