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Bringing the bunny styles back to back!  As promised here another figure unboxing, next one will probably be sometime later this week.  This is actually a figure that I’ve been very much looking forward to getting my hands on.  Being a huuuge fan of the Yosuga no Sora eroge and Anime, by far the best girl from the series had to be the delicious twin sister Kasugano Sora!  After passing up on several figures of the saucy twin, I finally bite the bait and got my hands on this figure!  Another Alter figure of Sora, this time at 1/7th scale but “Bunny Style”!

Character: Kasugano Sora
Origins: Yosuga no Sora (Eroge/Anime)
Version: Bunny Style
Scale: 1/7
Dimensions: Height – 10.53″
Companies: Alter (Manufacturer)
Artists: Hashimoto Ryou (Sculptor), Hashimoto Takashi (Illustrator), Tetsumori Nanami (Color producer)
Release: 4/27/2017
Price: ¥13,800

So, let’s start off with the usual bit of info.  This figure was indeed part of my April 2017 AmiAmi orders.  I think originally over 8 figures were supposed to come out in April, but only 4 ended up making it out.  This figure of course being one of them.  I had two AmiAmi shipments, the first being for the last figure I unboxed, link here, and a second with figures.  The figure ended up costing me ¥12,490 plus shipping.  Not too bad of a price considering this IS an Alter figure.  Regardless, as I already mentioned I have been really looking forward to getting this figure of Sora.  Let’s not delay this further and get straight to the photos~!

It seems to be the season for bunny girls and I do not mind it one bit!  Alter, as usual, has blown the socks right off my feet once again with this stunning figure of Sora!  I definitely love the way they crafted Sora’s face here, pretty much spot on what I would expect.  The sculpt in general was pretty excellent, usual work for Alter.  I loved the detailing, from the etchings on the bunny rabbit to her visible shoulder blades on her back.  I have to say this was a pretty much a perfect figure.  Could not have asked for more~!  So you can imagine that I think she is totally worth the price.  Definitely makes me wish that I had ordered the past few Sora figures from them.

Anndd that is it for this unboxing!  Got two more figures from my April orders which I will pop open sometime later this week.  Also May orders are starting to trickle in also.   Going to be a good summer for figures!  As always thanks for reading!

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