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Annnnd I am back!  Thanks for the patience while I was busy with real life stuff.  I got a several figures to unbox with more coming in really soon!  Getting things started is this figure of Golden Darkness better known as “Yami” from the recently ended manga “To LOVEru Darkness”!  From FREEing we have Yami in their B-Style line, wearing a sexy bunny suit at 1/4th scale!  Let’s get right into this!

Character: Golden Darkness (Yami)
Origins: To LOVEru Darkness (Manga/Anime)
Other: B-Style
Version: Bunny Suit

Scale: 1/4
Dimensions: Height – 13.26″
Companies: FREEing (Manufacturer)
Release: 4/20/2017
Price: ¥22,000

This would be my second B-Style figure to unbox, the first being Koneko-chan from Highschool DxD.  Being a big To LOVEru Darkness fan I just had to jump on board when FREEing decided to give some of the girls some “B-Style” love.  The figure is, as expected, YUUUGE!  Originally the figure was set for a January 2017 release, eventually being pushed several months in a row.  I ended up ordering the figure from the usual AmiAmi for ¥18,400 plus shipping, which was ¥4,920.   Pretty damn expensive for shipping alone, but the box is pretty big.  Nonetheless let’s get straight to the photos!

I am actually pretty happy with how this figure turned out.  Yami looks great overall, no real flaws or anything.  I love her overflowing hair and glossy bunny suit.  She has an adorable face and very nice slime body sculpt.  For the scale I think FREEing did an excellent job at keeping her proportions perfect.  I suppose the real major issue with the figure overall is the price.  She is pretty damn expensive, but considering the weight in plastic I think the costs are sort of justified here.  In the end, I can only really recommend her if you are a big Yami fan.  There is definitely nothing wrong with the figure, just the price point might not be suitable for many people.  Great looking figure though!

Anyways I should get another unboxing done later tonight so expect that sometime tomorrow.  As always, thanks for reading!

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