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Well it’s the beginning of the year when no actual figure orders actually seem to want to come out in time.  February orders went from a strong four releases to one.  Seems like there will be a lot more figures to go around later in the year.  But for now let’s focus on the only figure to make it out of my monthly order!  It has a been a while since I have done an unboxing of a non-Skytube figure, the past three or four have been Skytube figures.  And surprise!  It’s another Saber figure!  Not just any Saber though, Saber Alter from Fate/Grand Order at 1/7th scale “Dress version” from Alter!

Character: Saber Alter
Origins: Fate/Grand Order (Game)
Version:  Dress ver.

Scale: 1/7
Dimensions: Height – 8.97″
Companies: Alter (Manufacturer)
Artists: Nobuta (Sculptor), Tetsumori Nanami (Color producer)
Release: 2/3/2017
Price: ¥15,800

So if you have been following me, you should know how I have warmed up to being a Saber fan.  I know I’ve mentioned this several times before, but I used to distress Saber and everything about her.  Thanks to the power of amazing looking figures I have grown to appreciate what I viewed as a generally bland character.  So little bit about this figure.

I ordered her from AmiAmi for ¥14,300.  Since it was the only figure to come I thought I could save a bit and have her shipped through SAL Registered.  Oddly enough the EMS price and SAL price were very similar, EMS was only a 200 or so yen more than SAL.  And there was no small package option!  I thought AmiAmi was trying to con me in saving some money.  I went ahead with the EMS shipping in the end but not so willingly.  Anyway’s onto the photos and why shipping was so expensive!

Alter does not disappoint with this Saber, erm Alter!  The figure was definitely a lot bigger than I thought she would end up.  I sort of feel though Alter could had saves a bit of space with a more compact plastic blister, but whatever.

I don’t think I really need to say much over how great this figure is.  The usual same praises for Alter:  great coloring, great detailing and great sculpt.  The base definitely looks awesome too, though a bit too glossy.  Swapping parts was a breeze with the figure, a gently nudge to pull off pieces with minimal or no paint contact.  Having Saber hold on to the sword was a bit a pain though.  It requires her to be completely on the base with all of her parts tightly connected.  Otherwise her sword would be slipping out of her hands all day.

I couldn’t be happier with how this figure turned out.  Definitely on the more expensive side in terms of costs.  But with the multiple posing options and usual Alter manufacturing greatness, the price really does make sense.  Though that is no excuse to continue to charge this high of prices.  We are getting to Alter “Love Live” figure prices, and we all know they are just taking advantage of our weak wills with those…  Thanks for reading!

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