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Well this ended up being VERY late.  It is now the end of February and my January 2017 orders just barely came in!  Guess that’s what I get for trying to go cheap with shipping.  Anyways there is only one figure to unbox from what I ordered in January.  The other item is a Nendoroid and honestly unboxing that and taking pictures would take too long, I definitely underestimated the options Nendoroids have.  Anyways THE ONE figure I have to unbox is once again a Skytube figure!  From Takeda Hiromitsu’s eromanga, Ima♡Real, we have the cover girl Aihara Honami at 1/6th scale from Alphamax and their Skytube line!

Character: Aihara Honami
Origins: Ima♡Real (Eromanga)
Other: Skytube, Castoff
Scale: 1/6
Dimensions: Height – 6.44″
Companies: Alphamax (Manufacturer)
Artists: 2% (Sculptor), Takeda Hiromitsu (Illustrator)
Release: 1/20/2017
Price: ¥13,800

So this figure is based off of the cover art of the eromanga, Ima♡Real.  The book is available in English from the good people at FAKKU, if you are interested in purchasing the source material.  Anyways the book starts off fairly vanilla and then ends up in a more distasteful manner to some.  Won’t spoil it past that, but I’d imagine many people were put off from purchasing this figure because of that.  Not me of course!  Not too sure what that says about me as a person, but whatever.

So as you would had imagined most of the figures originally to be released in January was delayed.  Ironically those very same figures were delayed out of February.  I am guessing I will have some really big orders in the upcoming months.  I ended up ordering the figure from AmiAmi for ¥11,500 and opted for SAL Registered Small Packaging shipping this time around.  It was cheaper than EMS but it took nearly a month to arrive!  Well at least it’s finally here.  On to the photos!

It has been really hard for me to find any real faults with any Skytube figures as of late.  They have greatly approved their quality and continue to release some great looking figures.  This figure of Honami continues that trend!

The sculpt of the figure looks pretty damn good.  As similar as it could get to the original illustration.  Coloring and detailing is perfect.  I think Alphamax has really stepped it up on their coloring for their figures and it definitely is showing.  In terms of the detailing, I am really impressed with how her clothing turned out.  The patterns on her skirt and how her top looks absolutely amazing.  I love how they added the hearts to her eyes.   The base is a nice change of pace also.  The heart shaped base that has that “popish” idol look to it looks awesome.

The castoff of the figure was fairly simple and easy.  Only issue I think was with her secondary panties, which require it to be a specific spot in order to connect.  Took me a good 10 or so minutes to figure out the correct spot and with a bit of force I was able to barely get the latches on.  Alphamax’s improvements with their castoffs have been a greatly appreciated change, I remember some of their older figures having nearly impossible to handle cast off pieces.

All in all, I am quite happy with how this figure turned out!  This just continues my love for Alphamax and their Skytube line.  With their recently announcement of  the “Skytube Premium” line, seems like I will be definitely be giving them more of my money if they continue to bring out awesome figures like this!  Thanks for reading!

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