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Whoa!  Two Skytube figures in one month?  What a way to start off the new year!  It seems like Skytube has mostly only been covering Tony Taka and Misaki Kurehito illustrations as of late.  This figure is from the latter artist, probably better known for his character designs from Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata.  This is another original character based off of an illustration.  She is Sakura Hina and she is an office lady (OL) in a bit of a “sticky” situation.  She is 1/6th scale and is again part of Alphamax’s Skytube figure line!

Character: Sakura Hina
Origins: Original Character (Illustration)
Other: Skytube, Castoff
Scale: 1/6
Dimensions: Height – 5.46″
Companies: Alphamax (Manufacturer)
Artists: Hiro (Sculptor), Misaki Kurehito (Illustrator)
Release: 12/21/2016

Price: ¥14,800

It is a pretty rare to have multiple Skytube figures released in one month, I believe this only happened once before for me.  Definitely not complaining though, love starting off the new year with good figures!  Anyways this figure of Sakura Hina is part of my monthly AmiAmi order for December 2016.  It is the second of three figures from the order.  The figure cost me ¥12,400 plus the total for shipping through EMS.  Alphamax has been on a role with their Skytube figures as of late, so I am pretty excited for two of their figures in the same month.  Let’s get to it!

If I wasn’t already happy from having two Skytube figures in one month, I would definitely had been happy with how Sakura Hina turned out!  Skytube seems to catching the essences of the original illustrations with their figures as of late.  A near perfect figure rendition of the artwork!  Sakura Hina is beautifully sculpted with excellent detailing!  The coloring is pretty damn amazing, Alphamax has been getting better with this as of late.  Castoff and swapping pieces was for the most part a breeze.  But her optional panties are a bit a pain to get on at first, took a tad more pulling on it then I would had liked.  Overall though I am quite impressed with this figure!  Definitely worth the investment if you are into lewd as fuck figures like I am!

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