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Beginning the year with a brand new figure unboxing!  It’s 2017 and nothing has changed!  Well kind of…  Being my very first unboxing of the year I think I choose a good one to start off!  From my December 2016 monthly orders we have a brand new Skytube, T2 Art☆Girls figure!  The cover art girl of  “Toranoana Girls Collection Summer 2014 Type A” illustrated by Tony Taka, we have Torashima Mizuki at 1/6th scale, the Sailor Tiger version!

Character: Torashima Mizuki
Version: Sailor Tiger
Origins: Original Character, Cover Girl “Toranoana Girls Collection Summer 2014 Type A”
Other: Skytube, T2 Art☆Girls
Scale: 1/6
Dimensions: Height – 10.53″
Companies: Alphamax (Manufacturer)
Artists: EGG (Sculptor), Tony Taka (Illustrator)
Release: 12/16/2016
Price: ¥14,800

Last month’s orders shipped out pretty quick, which was pretty surprising considering how busy the end of the year usually is.  The package arrived on New Year’s Eve, major props to USPS for delivering stuff on New Years Eve.  As usual a bunch of my figures from my initial order were delayed leaving only three figures left.  The figures still came in a giant ass box though.  I ordered the figure from AmiAmi which cost me ¥11,570, not including the shipping fee of the package.  It has been a few months since my last T2 Art☆Girls figure so I definitely excited to start off the year with one!

As I have already mentioned in my last few preview posts, I have started using a image gallery plugin for my photos.  Not sure why I wasn’t using this before, made posting all of this so much easier!  Seems to load fairly quickly and looks fine on the mobile site too.  Of course issues may arise, so please let me know if there are any issues.  For now let’s get to the photos!

Mizuki definitely turned out great!  Such a major improvement from some of Alphamax’s past Skytube Tony figures.  I was originally on the fence with ordering this figure, I had flashbacks of their Shoubi Yae figure.  But thankfully, all of those worries were gone once I finally got my hands on her.  Mizuki looks amazing, from her perfect sculpt to excellent coloring.  The detailing is also top-notch, as her clothing looks to be semi-transparent.  There are a variety of posing options which gives the figure added value.  Plus swapping pieces or casting off parts was a breeze, thank goodness!  I could not be happier with how this figure turned out and definitely recommend her!

That is it for unboxing numba 1 of the new year!  More coming up within the week.

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