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One last figure preorder before the end of the year, and it only be fitting that it’s a figure that has been in the works for over seven years!  That’s right SEVEN years, that’s longer than I have been blogging about figures!  A figure that has been on this blog before through WonFes posts, from Orchid Seed the legendary figure that many thought would never come, Snow from the nitroplus game turned Anime Blassreiter at 1/8th scale!

Holy crap did this figure take forever to come into life!  The sculpt Orchid Seed showed off at EVERY WonFes since it was revealed looked great so I am not too sure why it took them so long to get her colored.  Oh well.  Anyways, Snow is 1/8th scale at a height of about 6.63″ tall with her motorcycle being 7.41″ long.  The figure is based off artwork from Nishii with Snow on a motorcycle with her pants all ripped apart.  Apparently the figure will have a castoff function, but I imagine we won’t be able to see that until the figure is released.  Maybe the already ripped panties will reveal some more goodies?

Can’t believe it has been SEVEN years since this figure was first revealed.  Snow looks pretty damn good, even after all that time.  The coloring looks pretty spot and and I love how Orchid Seed did not shy away too much from censoring her.  Definitely am finally getting my hands on this figure.  If anything this is a time piece!  Snow is set for an July 2017 release date and is marketed at ¥17,500 retail price.

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