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The final unboxing of 2016 is here!  Ironically I forgot I even ordered this figure to begin with.  I didn’t even know it was released until a friend told me it was out.  Anyways, it has been a few months since the last Amakuni, Hobby Japan figure.  This figure is from one of my favorite side scroller “2D” game, Muramasa: The Demon Blade.  It is busty fox Kongiku at 1/7th scale Yukemuri Onsen Zanmai version!

Character: Kongiku
Origins: Muramasa: The Demon Blade (Video Game)
Version: Yukemuri Onsen Zanmai Ver
Other: Exclusive
Scale: 1/7
Dimensions: Height – 11.7″
Companies: Amakuni (Manufacturer), Hobby Japan (Distributor)
Artists: Akimof (Sculptor), Pinpoint (Color producer)
Release: 12/16/2016
Price: ¥10,000

So I ordered this figure at Anime Expo 2016 from the Hobby Japan booth in the exhibit hall.  They were charging $120 USD for the figure that including shipping and tax.  They booth was offering several other figures for preorder but since they required instant payment I only decided to get Kongiku.  Since I already paid for the figure and the company was using some wonky ordering system I forgot I even ordered the figure.  I would had received the figure sooner also, if I had replied to the shipping confirmation e-mail the company sent which ended up in my Junk mail folder.  Luckily a friend who also ordered the figure let me know about it and I was able to get back to company.  Anyways not much more to say here so let’s get to the last unboxing of the year!

Amakuni’s basic but colorful box.So the main reason why I ended up preordering this figure at AX was because they were giving out this The Seven Deadly Sins fan to those who preordered anything from them.  At the time I thought I was going to get the fan when I preordered, but it turns out they were going to ship these out with the orders.The base for Kongiku is fairly impressive looking.So Kongiku only comes in one posing option, but honestly I don’t think she needs anything else from what little she is wearing!  I am just going to leave it at that for my comments until the end.  Enjoy the photos!

So being the last figure of 2016 for me to be unboxed, how does Kongiku stand compared to all the other great figures I had unboxed this year?  Pretty damn well!  Kongiku looks pretty damn amazing,  Amakuni usually does a great job at keeping their products looking as close to their prototypes as possible.  Kongiku is a HUGE figure at almost 12″ tall.  Amakuni did a great job sculpting Kongiku’s curvy but ripped body.  The detailing on her body is pretty amazing for not having any real clothing on to detail.  The coloring is excellent and painting is excellent.  I see Amakuni is taking a page from their parent company and hiring “color producers” for their figures.  There is really nothing I can complain about this figure!

Kongiku is a sexy and amazing looking figure.  Amakuni continues their high quality exclusive figure releases with her!  Would had been interesting if they made the figure a castoff, but I imagine there are licensing issues with that.  This figure definitely makes me want to get their Momohime release of the same onsen figure line released last year.  For ¥10,000, this figure is definitely a steal and I totally recommend her.  Totally worth every penny I spent for her!  A great figure to end 2016 if I say so myself!

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