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Getting back into this post train that I have going on, I have the final figure of my November 2016 orders unboxed and ready for your viewing pleasure!  Last month’s set of figures seemed to have something in common, be lewd as fuck!  And this last figure definitely fits that description to the t!  I’d hard to imagine that the artist of Saekano, Misaki Kurehito, can drawn up super lewd artwork.  But I definitely appreciate it when Alphamax converts one of those lewd AF illustrations into a figure for their Skytube line.  Today we have an original character, Kohinata Ran, at 1/6th scale being LEWD AS FUCK!

Character: Kohinata Ran
Origins: Original Character (Illustration)
Other: Skytube, Castoff
Scale: 1/6
Dimensions: Height – 8.19″
Companies: Alphamax (Manufacturer)
Artists: Hiro (Sculptor), Misaki Kurehito (Illustrator)
Price: ¥15,800

Definitely not the piece of artwork you want your feminist friends to see, but nonetheless it is fine with me.  Definitely one of Alphamax’s more “extreme” figures.  It’s LEWD, so I approve!  Anyways, this is the third and final figure of my November 2016 order from AmiAmi.  The figure cost me ¥13,160 plus the total EMS shipping cost for the monthly order.  Seems like AmiAmi and Alphamax stopped giving away the postcard of the artwork.  Might be something only from the Alphamax Online Store, which is a shame really.  But anyways let’s get to this.  Lots of photos coming up!

I personally really like the Skytube boxes.  Such excellent design and coloring on them.Everyone loves a hidden window!  The artwork of Ran is on the flap of the box.And then of course the actual window itself.  Really awesome design.Think Alphamax is one of the only few manufacturers who actually includes an instruction sheet for their castoff figures.  Not in English, but the pictures pretty much explain everything.  I’ve done my work with Ikea furniture! And then we have this amazing looking toliet base!  What a way to trigger all the snowflakes over this figure!It’s actually a fairly nicely designed toliet.  I think I could fill it up with water to make it look more realistic..Ran comes with an assortment of extra pieces and accessories.  Starting from the top, there is an extra “bottom” piece, her hat,  middle stick, her baton, handcuffs and an assortment of stick-able “make-up”…

Now there are quite a few posing options for Ran!  There are more variations if you remove her hat also, but I left those out since I was already hitting over 150 photos here…  This is her default pose as in the illustration.  I did not stick the small “tear drop” stickers onto her since they are a hassle to deal with.  Plus I didn’t want to lose any of them… I personally think Alphamax “nailed “her face here.  I think she would had looked perfect if I had put the teardrops on her.The most difficult part of the figure had to be getting the metal rod pole through the hoops o from her legs.  The trick was to do it from the left hand side…Some “cream” leakage here.Removing her panties were fairly simple thus giving us this other posing option!The “sticker” jizz sticks fairly well onto her.  I suppose it looks realistic to a point.

Now removing the “cream cheese” will reveal her bare vagina!  Thus another posing option!  I suppose you can put her panties back on and not have the jizz on her for another option.Alphamax is one of the few manufacturers who are not afraid to detail their vaginas!  Erm, that may not sounded right but you know what I mean!Now things are getting more spicy with Ran!  Swap out her default hip piece for her alternative and shove a baton up her vagina and you get this posing option!  Simply amazing!The baton just sticks right in and holds into place.Might have been a good idea to pop the small tear drops on her with the baton “inside” her for effect.  But I attempted to and my fat fingers were not able to get them onto her face.  Sad times..Removing the baton from her will give you this rather extreme posing option.  Looks sort of weird without the baton in her and her vagina being open up like that.
It’s like a dark hole, things go in and may never “cum” out…Alphamax also detailed the inner liners of her spread out vagina.  Pretty damn impressive if you ask me!

Now some photos of Ran without some of the accessories on her to get a better look at some of the other pieces.The handcuffs are pretty nicely detailed.

So there we have it boys!  One of the lewdest figures I have unboxed this year!  Seems like Alphamax is upping the ante every time they decide to go FULL LEWD.  Definitely one of the best figures this year by far.  Alphamax continues their increased quality in their figures.  It has been a steadily increase from how great their figures have been looking.  Ran looks nearly identical to the original artwork by Misaki Kurehito.  The colors are perfect, the sculpt is amazing, and the detailing is also on par with everything else.  I am truly impressed with this figure.  Easy castoff, LEWD AS FUCK and perfect looking?  Everything I could ask for!  Definitely worth being part of your collection if you are into LEWD shit like this figure.  Anyways hoped you guys enjoyed this unboxing,  December orders should be coming in soon, with one figure I am hoping to get before the end of the year.  More posts are coming so stay tuned!

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