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I said more unboxings were coming!  Here we are!  Unboxing numbah 2 from my November 2016 orders!  I did say I was going to “bring back the ecchi” to this blog, so I think I will be delivering that with the next few unboxings…  Anyways, unlike the last figure, I am bit more familiar with origins of this one.  From Fujisaka Kuuki’s eromanga series, “Koikano x Aikano”, we have the lovely Tenkaki Hinata at 1/5.5th scale based off of cover art illustration of her from Daiki Kougyou!

Character: Tenkaki Hinata
Origins: Koikano x Aikano (Eromanga)
Scale: 1/5.5
Dimensions: Height – 6.44″
Companies: Daiki Kougyou (Manufacturer)
Artists: CL (Sculptor), Fujisaka Kuuki (Illustrator), Maimocchi (Color producer)
Release: 11/14/2016
Price: ¥13,000

Not going to lie, I was a little disappointed with the last figure I unboxed (this if you missed it).  It has been a while since I last unboxed a Daiki Kougyou figure, and I vaguely remember the figure being a massive pain to deal with.  Due to how adorable Hinata looked from this figure, I still preordered the figure despite any frustrations I had with their past figures.  This figure is based off of the cover illustration of Hinata from the second volume of Koikano x Aikano.  This is the second figure of a three item order from AmiAmi.  Hinata cost me ¥10,820 plus the total cost of EMS shipping for the whole order.

I think the new lighting fixture really worked well with this unboxing, compared to the last.  I am very stratified with how these photos are turning out with a bit of overhead lighting.  Anyways let’s get to the photos of this figure!

Daiki’s packaging generally look pretty nice.  A nice sturdy box with some nice coloring the matches the origin cover art.Unfortunately, Daiki does not put much effort onto their base designs.  Not a problem but would had been nice if it looked a bit nicer.

Now for the good stuff! Hinata has several posing options that were REALLY easy to do.  This is a massive difference from some of the past Daiki figures I had to deal with.  Here is her default pose, apron + short shorts.

Now Hinata’s head is easily removable, which makes removing the apron a clinch.  Here is another one of her posing options!Just like Hinata’s apron, her short shorts are also very easy to remove.  Wish all of Daiki’s figures were this easy to deal with!  Everyone loves a bit of naked apron pose!Finally removing both her shorts and apron, you get the best fully naked Hinata!  I’ll let the photos speak for themselves here.I am impressed Daiki.  They actually detailed her vagina.  Looks pretty damn good to me.And yes, Hinata does have a butthole, unlike some other figures that somehow omit the body part.Apparently you can also remove Hinata’s arm, which would had made latching on her apron a lot easier.  Wasn’t really an issue for me, but heres a better look at her booty without her arm in the way.

I have to say I am quite impressed with this figure.  Hinata turned out to look as great as she does from the prototype.  Hinata looks amazingly adorable, with a sexily sculpted body and excellent detailing.  Daiki Kougyou usually does a great job with their figures, but the one part where they fail is how difficult that make their castoffs.  With past figures, you had to stretch parts to make them latch on, or really have to pull pieces apart.  Hinata is a great improvement from the fails of the past!  It was so damn easy to remove pieces!  The ease of the castoff made taking photos of all of her posing options a breeze, usually before I would skip options due to it being a hassle to swap pieces around.  Not with Hinata!  Hinata looks great and her castoff is a breeze which makes me regard this figure pretty highly for once.  Definitely recommend her for just the sheer cuteness and sexyness of the figure!  I’m sure she’ll be hitting bargain bins soon, so definitely keep her in mind if you want an excellent figure!

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