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FREEDOM!  Finally I am on my winter break from school!  As promised, today I begin my November 2016 figure unboxings!  Today I am starting off with a figure from our old friends at A-plus (A +).  From the eroge developer “Atelier Kaguya Honky-Tonk Pumpkin”, we have the “busty” Saitou Reika  at 1/6th scale from the game Love Tore ~Ecchi na Renai Training~!

Character: Saitou Reika
Origins: Love Tore ~Ecchi na Renai Training~ (Eroge)
Scale: 1/6
Dimensions: Height – 6.44″, Length – 4.1″, Width – 5.46″
Companies: A-plus (Manufacturer)
Artists: Alpha (Sculptor), Ryuusuke (Sculptor)
Release: 11/29/2016
Price: ¥13,950

Welp as you already know, this will be the first of three figures from my November 2016 orders.  This is a pretty random figure that I sorta ordered honestly.  I never played the game and was only really interested in it for Reika’s giant massive boobs.  I did say I was going to bring back the “ecchi” to this blog…  I did take a look at the “cg” from the game and I think the figure fits well within what the game was trying to portray…  Well regardless, I bought the figure from AmiAmi.  She was ¥11,850 plus whatever the total shipping cost was for EMS shipping.  The package came in about a week ago, but due to finals and whatnot I was holding back on doing any unboxings.

Now before I get to the photos, I do want to mention that I recently got another light source for my light tent.  This time I have an overhead light.  You can really tell in some of the photos unfortunately, cannot really explain the shadows by her face, but there is a noticeable difference in some photos.  Anyways onto the photos!

Pretty decent and simple looking packaging here for Reiko.  Didn’t really expect anything fancy here.Now I did not expect this.  This is literally just a piece of cardboard for the base.  Holy crap A-plus!  Talk about cutting costs…Included accessories are these “soap bubbles” that you can put onto Reiko.  They are a pain in the ass to get to stay so don’t expect them to stick while moving the figure around…

Now onto the default pose for Reiko!  A slight variation from the original artwork from the game, with added soap bubbles.  But it’s a fairly close resemblance.  
The soap bubbles were falling off from the slightest movements.  So I got annoyed and just removed them all from here on out.  Was a bit sick while taking these photos so I did not have the patient to fix it.After removing her panties, which was a chore in itself, and swapping her hand piece you get this pose.  Of course you can put on the soap bubbles for more posing options, but I did not have the patient to deal with that again.This has to be the weirdest looking pinky toe ever.Wish they would had detailed up her vagina a bit.  Considering the source material, I do not see why they couldn’t.Reiko’s boobs are pretty gigantic.  Which is of course the appeal of the figure in the first place.

Well, I did say I was going to bring back the ecchi to this blog.  Think I did that with this figure at the very least.  I was never expecting anything out of the this figure when I preordered her.  The figure didn’t really look that amazing to begin with, and sadly the only thing that attracted me to it was her massive abnormal sized boobs.  Not to say the figure was bad, on the contrary in fact.  Reiko does look like a decent figure for her scale.  Asides from the weird shape of her nipples and an oddly shaped toe, I think Reiko is a decent “bargain bin” figure.  Especially if you are into big boobs.  Definitely not missing anything if you decide to skip though.  More unboxings later this week!

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