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A little bit overdue, but it’s here nontheless!  The only figure to make out of my October orders arrived about two weeks ago.  Due to me being being busy IRL, I haven’t had the chance to unbox the figure up until last night.  From Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata, or Saekano, we have the “unnoticable” babe Katou Megumi at 1/8th scale in a swinsuit by Aquamarine!

Character: Katou Megumi
Origins: Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata (Light Novel/Anime)
Version: Swimsuit Style
Scale: 1/8
Dimensions: Height – 6.63″
Companies: Aquamarine (Manufacturer)
Artists: Icrea (Sculptor)
Release: 10/25/2016
Price: ¥11,000

Well let’s begin with some info on this figure.  This Katou is based off of the an illustration poster to Megumi Magainze with Katou in a swinsuit, based off of her Anime designs.  I ordered the figure from AmiAmi for ¥9,190 plus ¥1,290 SAL shipping.  The only figure to make it out alive from my October orders, once a proud 4 figures now all delayed into this month (R.I.P. my wallet).  Figure arrived about two weeks ago, as I already mentioned.  Anywho let’s get straight to the photos!  Not too many photo’s this time.

katomegaq001katomegaq002katomegaq003katomegaq004katomegaq005The packaging box was a lot smaller than I was expecting.  Still the packaging was nice overall.katomegaq006katomegaq007Plain-as-fuck clear blue base.  Nothing else to say here…

Now there is only one posing option for this figure so where we have it!katomegaq008Guess I’ll get straight into it.  First thing you will notice is how small 6″ a figure is.  Katou is hella small, like REALLY DAMN small.katomegaq009katomegaq010katomegaq011katomegaq012katomegaq013katomegaq014katomegaq015katomegaq016Not quite sure what Aquamarine was trying to do with that light brown marks in her hair.  I think they could had done it better by just blending colors instead this…katomegaq017katomegaq018katomegaq019katomegaq020katomegaq021katomegaq022katomegaq023katomegaq024katomegaq025katomegaq026katomegaq027katomegaq028katomegaq029katomegaq030katomegaq031katomegaq032katomegaq033katomegaq034katomegaq035katomegaq036katomegaq037katomegaq038katomegaq039katomegaq040katomegaq041katomegaq042katomegaq043katomegaq044katomegaq045katomegaq046katomegaq047katomegaq048katomegaq049katomegaq050katomegaq051katomegaq052katomegaq053katomegaq054katomegaq055katomegaq056katomegaq057katomegaq058katomegaq059katomegaq060katomegaq061katomegaq062katomegaq063katomegaq064katomegaq065katomegaq066katomegaq067

Well let’s just get straight to it.  I honestly think Aquamarine stole my money here with this figure.  Katou definitely does not look bad, though I have to question the weird light brown mark in her hair.  But this figure is hella damn small; like I have crane game figures that are larger than this!  I’m not even sure what Aquamarine is charging me here for with what came with this figure.  Coloring was pretty simple, not that the original source had a variety of colors to begin with.  There isn’t much materials being used here, considering how small the figure is.  I just don’t understand how they could charge ¥10,000 for this!  I would say maybe ¥4,000 tops is what this Katou should cost, and I’d imagine that’s how much people should find her for now.  My verdict, save your money and get her cheap if you can.  She is not a bad figure, but by no means is she worth more than ¥4,000!

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