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And now the final figure unboxing of my September 2016 orders!  This figure was literally released at the very end of the month.  It has been a while since we last had T2 Art☆Girls figure from Skytube.  This figure is based off of the illustration “Ojousama no Hanazono” from the Tony Taka doujinshi Recollect.  She is Tenjiku Aoi at 1/6th scale from Alphamax’s Skytube figure line!

Character: Tenjiku Aoi
Title: Ojousama no Hanazono
Origins: Recollect (Doujinshi)
Other: Skytube, T2 Art☆Girls
Scale: 1/6
Dimensions: Height – 4.29″
Companies: Alphamax (Manufacturer)
Artists: EGG (Sculptor), Tony Taka (Illustrator)
Release: 9/29/2016
Price: ¥12,800

So Aoi, as she will be called from now on, is based off of artwork from the Tony Taka doujinshi Recollect.  If she sort of looks familiar to you, that is because, all Tony girls look the same (lol) and this is the second figure of the “Ojousama” girls to be released by Alphamax.  The first was Shoubi Yae that was released wayy back in 2014 and unboxed by me then, link here.  I definitely was not impressed with Yae, but somehow I still ended up ordering Aoi.  I ordered Aoi from AmiAmi and opted for her “AmiAmi Exclusive Bonus” version of Aoi which included a small wall scroll of the original artwork.  Even with the bonus the figure ended up costing me ¥12,800, which is pretty much retail price.

So for this photo shoot I could had had many more photos taken, with the figure being castoff and having multiple displaying options.  However there were some issues with paint transfer that stopped me from spending too much time putting her clothes back on so I opted not to.  It wouldn’t had been an issue if I had some White Erasers still, but I’m fresh out and my shipment from Amazon won’t arrive until midweek.  Instead I got tilted and this is what you’re going to get, which is a lot anyways.  Anyways rambling aside let’s get to the photos!

tenaoi001 tenaoi002 tenaoi003 tenaoi004tenaoi005I really do like what AM does with their Skytube packaging.  Simple designs with the artwork and a nice big window showcasing the figure.
tenaoi006With the “AmiAmi Exclusive Bonus” you get this small A1 sized two sided wallscroll.  I forgot to flip it over to take a photo of the NSFW side.  But it’s just Aoi without her panties.tenaoi007The very so daunting castoff instruction sheet.  You know it’s going to be a pain in the ass when you see have to pull her clothing over her shoulders to remove…tenaoi008tenaoi009AM seemed to have switched to these fluffy pillow like bases.  It’s the perfect amount of fluff unlike native’s Chitose, where the fluff was shedding all over the place.
tenaoi010You get two accessory pieces for Aoi.tenaoi011The first piece is her alternative “ero” face plate.tenaoi012And then you have her skirt that you attach to her foot.tenaoi013As I already mentioned, Aoi has several different posing combinations.  I opted for only a few since I got annoyed at how some green paint transfered to her right boob (more on that later).  This is however her default post with everything on with her default face plate.tenaoi014tenaoi015tenaoi016tenaoi017tenaoi018tenaoi019tenaoi020tenaoi021tenaoi022tenaoi023tenaoi024tenaoi025tenaoi026tenaoi027tenaoi028tenaoi029tenaoi030tenaoi031tenaoi032tenaoi033tenaoi034tenaoi035tenaoi036tenaoi037tenaoi038tenaoi039tenaoi040tenaoi041tenaoi042tenaoi043tenaoi044tenaoi045tenaoi046tenaoi047tenaoi048I like how Aoi’s panties are sorta slightly clear so you can barely see her vagina.  That is pretty awesome and hot.tenaoi049tenaoi050tenaoi051tenaoi052tenaoi053tenaoi054Unlike Yae, Aoi doesn’t suffer too much from the derp face.  At most angles Aoi’s face actually looks pretty damn good.  A massive improvement from 2014’s Yae release!tenaoi055tenaoi056tenaoi057tenaoi058tenaoi059tenaoi060tenaoi061tenaoi062tenaoi063tenaoi064tenaoi065tenaoi066tenaoi067Removing Aoi’s top was a bit of a choir and there will be issues with paint transfer.  The green of her shirt barely rubbed onto her right boob while I was removing it and it marked her good.  Regardless in addition of removing her top I also took off the skirt from her left foot for this posing option.tenaoi068tenaoi069tenaoi070tenaoi071tenaoi072tenaoi073tenaoi074tenaoi075tenaoi076tenaoi077tenaoi078tenaoi079tenaoi080tenaoi081Kill me, that green paint mark… 🙁tenaoi082tenaoi083tenaoi084tenaoi085tenaoi086tenaoi087Seems like even with the castoff rings around her arms there is still a visible gap between the pieces.  I pushed the arms pretty forcefully in and they still did not go in all the way.tenaoi088tenaoi089This little flower leg braclet is hidden if you pop her skirt onto her left leg.tenaoi090It’s fairly nicely detailed for something soo small.Now for the last posing option I will cover is her final form without her top, skirt and panties plus swapping her face plate.  Full ero mode!

tenaoi091tenaoi092tenaoi093tenaoi094tenaoi095tenaoi096tenaoi097tenaoi098tenaoi099tenaoi100tenaoi101tenaoi102tenaoi103tenaoi104tenaoi105AM really does a great job with their vagina detailing.  I don’t think any other manufacturer have been able to do as detailed pussies as they do.tenaoi106tenaoi107tenaoi108tenaoi109tenaoi110tenaoi111tenaoi112tenaoi113tenaoi114tenaoi115

Alright!  Now it has been about two years since AM has disappointed me with Yae.  AM has really improved since then releasing gems of figures in their Skytube line such as this, this, thisthis and this.  With Aoi it seems like they did everything right as they should have with the sculpt.  Aoi looks great, at pretty much any angle.  There are very few angles that her face looks derpy, and those few are strange angles to look at her anyways.  Aoi’s body looks great, nice and curvy with some ample breasts.  Detailing is great from her clothing to her vagina.  Coloring and painting are on spot with what I would had expected from looking at the artwork.

Not to say that I did not have any issues with Aoi.  Castoff is the main culprit here.  While removing her head, arms, panties and skirt were a breeze.  Her top was a pain in the ass.  Not because it was difficult, though it does go on pretty snug, but how easily paint can transfer from her top to her body.  The green on light skin makes it easy for it transfer.  And how you remove her top makes it almost impossible for it two pieces to not get in contact.  Her arm pieces seemed to not go in all the way also, which reveals a gap that is supposed to be covered by the castoff rings.

Overall though, Aoi looks damn great.  I suppose my main thing I wanted to see with Aoi was that she was better than Yae.  And I can say for a fact she is.  Couldn’t be happier with how she turned out!  Definitely looking forward to AM’s next Tony Skytube figure now.

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