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Well, it’s usually around this time of year when things start to pick up in terms of figure releases.  And it’s usually around this time when one figure gets released and completely blows my mind.  Here is that figure…  Another one of Alter’s money sucking Love Live figure!  This time it is of my numba one Love Live waifu, Nishikino Maki, at 1/7th scale in a very sexy black outfit!

Character: Nishikino Maki
Origins: Love Live! School Idol Festival (Anime/Game)
Scale: 1/7
Dimensions: Height – 9.36″
Companies: Alter (Manufacturer)
Artists: Makio Munetoshi (Sculptor), Tetsumori Nanami (Color producer)
Release: 9/8/2016
Price: ¥15,800

So this figure actually arrived a week ago, but since I was lazy as heck I sort of delayed the unboxing.  Two months in a row and a Love Live figure release from Alter, seems good.  This Maki is based off of a Super Rare card from the mobile card game, Love Live! School Idol Festival.  As you can see from the artwork, her outfit is quite “sexy”.  I ended up ordering this figure from BiginJapan for ¥14,290 plus ¥1,690 SAL Small Package shipping, which totaled for a little over the retail price.  Anyways there isn’t much more to ramble so I’ll get straight to the figure!

makilla001 makilla002 makilla003 makilla004makilla005makilla006These Love Live figures from Alter actually come in some really nice packaging.  The design is pleasant with the soft pastel colors and window placement.makilla007The instuction sheet on how to insert the lantern into Maki’s hands and how to put her veil and hat on.  Also includes instructions on how to insert an included LED light into her lantern.  You need a pair of small batteries for this to work though.
makilla008Maki’s base is fairly simple, as like the other Alter Love Live figures.  You have the similar design on a circular white base with some subtle shapes and text.makilla009makilla010makilla011makilla012The lantern is really amazingly detailed!  Unfortunately I do not have a pair of batteries for the LED light, but I’d imagine it would look pretty awesome lit up. 

Now I suppose you can have several posing options for this Maki concerning her veil and her hat.  This is her primary posing option with everything on her.makilla013makilla014makilla015makilla016makilla017makilla018makilla019makilla020makilla021makilla022makilla023makilla024makilla025makilla026makilla027makilla028makilla029makilla030Maki’s veil with the crosses and bats look amazing.  The clear plastic with the honeycomb pattern really does resemble a veil.makilla031Maki’s hat neatly attaches to the side of her head.  There is a magnet inside the hat that connects to side of her head.makilla032makilla033makilla034makilla035makilla036makilla037makilla038makilla039makilla040makilla041makilla042makilla043makilla044makilla045makilla046makilla047makilla048makilla049makilla050makilla051makilla052makilla053makilla054makilla055makilla056makilla057makilla058makilla059makilla060makilla061makilla062makilla063makilla064makilla065makilla066makilla067makilla068makilla069makilla070makilla071makilla072makilla073makilla074makilla075makilla076makilla077makilla078Now I suppose you can just remove her hat and leave her veil or vice versa for some more posing options.  Here I just removed both pieces for the final posing options.makilla079makilla080makilla081makilla082makilla083makilla084makilla085makilla086makilla087makilla088makilla089makilla090makilla091makilla092makilla093makilla094makilla095makilla096makilla097makilla098makilla099makilla100makilla101makilla102makilla103makilla104makilla105makilla106makilla107makilla108Of course we cannot end this without some sort of pervy shots!  Maki is equipped with some sexy black pantsu!makilla109makilla110makilla111makilla112makilla113makilla114makilla115makilla116makilla117makilla118Oh buddy that under butt cheek!

So I think this figure of Maki by Alter is definitely my favorite figure of this year!  And that is saying a lot since there are many great and amazing figures released so far this year!  But Alter somehow, though not surprisingly, has claimed that for this Maki!

Maki looks absolutely amazing.  Her extremely sexy outfit and pose are alluring to all of my desires.  The detailing on Maki is perfect, from her veil and her sexy stockings.  The etchings on her clothing look amazing, all perfectly done.  There really isn’t much more to say about the coloring on Maki.  Alter’s has perfected the art of coloring on figures where it isn’t an issue anymore with their figures.

I absolutely love this figure of Maki!  I see no problems with this figure at all, and could not have been happier with how she turned out!  As of right now this is my top figure of the year!  Get this figure if you haven’t already.  She is perfect and definitely worth it.  I think with that Alter needs to move on the Love Live Sunshine girls, namely of Watanabe You (my numba1 waifu from Sunshine).  That or more Maki figures would be awesome.

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