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If you have not noticed already, things have started to really slow down here as of late.  Just recently started school again so I’ll be for the most part focusing on that until the end of the quarter.  My figure orders are slowly coming in at least and this is the first of my September orders to come in!  It has been a while since we had a “The Seven Deadly Sins” (TSDS) figure from AMAKUNI.  A Hobby Japan exclusive, we have the deliciously loli Beelzebub at 1/7th scale “Matsurushi Yomisemeguri no Setsu” version!

Character: Beelzebub
Origins: The Seven Deadly Sins (Original)
Other: Exclusive,  Maou Mokushiroku
Version: Matsurushi Yomisemeguri no Setsu
Scale: 1/7
Dimensions: Height – 8.97″
Companies: AMAKUNI (Manufacturer), Hobby Japan (Publisher)
Artists: Nishii (Illustrator), Pinpoint (Color producer), Toona Kanshi (Sculptor)
Release: 9/9/201
Price: ¥12,300 (Limited), ¥13,300 (DX)

Just in time for the end of summer is this figure of Beelzebub!  Being a Hobby Japan exclusive, this figure will come in two SKUs.  The first being a regular limited edition.  The second is a DX limited edition that comes with a two sided hand towel of Beelzebub.  I order this Beelzebub from Nippon-Yasan and opted for the DX version for ¥14,540 plus ¥2,640 SAL shipping.  Not really much more to say but to get to the unboxing!

matsubeelz001 matsubeelz002 matsubeelz003 matsubeelz004We have the usual giant box from Hobby Japan.
matsubeelz005matsubeelz006The dual sided hand towel for Beelzebub.  One side is slightly safe for work, and then the other is a bit more NSFW with her clothes exploding…matsubeelz007matsubeelz008matsubeelz009matsubeelz010The base for this Beelzebub.  Its a clear circular plastic base with some itchings on it.matsubeelz011Beelzebub comes with a secondary torso piece.  matsubeelz012matsubeelz013It’s not a summer festival without a penis shaped choco-banana and fried squid!matsubeelz014matsubeelz015matsubeelz016matsubeelz017matsubeelz018There are a few posing options for Beelzebub.  This is the default original pose with the giant penis squid!
matsubeelz019matsubeelz020matsubeelz021matsubeelz022matsubeelz023matsubeelz024matsubeelz025matsubeelz026matsubeelz027matsubeelz028matsubeelz029matsubeelz030matsubeelz031matsubeelz032matsubeelz033matsubeelz034matsubeelz035matsubeelz036The face on the squid is pretty damn amusing to look at.matsubeelz037matsubeelz038matsubeelz039matsubeelz040matsubeelz041matsubeelz042matsubeelz043matsubeelz044matsubeelz045matsubeelz046matsubeelz047matsubeelz048matsubeelz049matsubeelz050matsubeelz051matsubeelz052matsubeelz053matsubeelz054matsubeelz055matsubeelz056matsubeelz057matsubeelz058matsubeelz059matsubeelz060matsubeelz061matsubeelz062matsubeelz063matsubeelz064matsubeelz065matsubeelz066matsubeelz067matsubeelz068matsubeelz069Switching things up a bit by removing the giant penis squid and replacing it with the penis chocobanana!matsubeelz070matsubeelz071matsubeelz072matsubeelz073matsubeelz074matsubeelz075matsubeelz076matsubeelz077matsubeelz078matsubeelz079matsubeelz080matsubeelz081matsubeelz082matsubeelz083matsubeelz084Now with an easy torso swap we have this NSFW posing option for Beelzebub!  You can also switch the choco banana with the squid but I choose to omit that this time around.
matsubeelz085matsubeelz086matsubeelz087matsubeelz088matsubeelz089matsubeelz090matsubeelz091matsubeelz092matsubeelz093matsubeelz094matsubeelz095matsubeelz096matsubeelz097Unlike the other TSDS girls, Beelzebub is a bit more petite in the bust size.  Still a nice pair of adorable tits though.matsubeelz098matsubeelz099matsubeelz100matsubeelz101matsubeelz102The corn looks amazingly detailed.  Looks pretty damn real.matsubeelz103matsubeelz104matsubeelz105matsubeelz106matsubeelz107matsubeelz108matsubeelz109matsubeelz110matsubeelz111matsubeelz112matsubeelz113matsubeelz114matsubeelz115matsubeelz116matsubeelz117matsubeelz118matsubeelz119

Going to keep this one short this time.  But I can say for a fact this is one great looking figure!  Beelzebub looks absolutely adorable.  Her petite body is perfectly sculpted.  The coloring and detailing is amazing, something that is typical with AMAKUNI figures.  The ironically shaped accessories look amazing.  Her castoff is really simple, no need for an instruction sheet.  The base is a bit plain, since many of us are used to those pedestal style bases from other AMAKUNI TSDS figures.  But asides from that, Beelzebub looks amazing!  Great buy IMO!

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