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After all the crazyness of the past few days finally being over with my BDay weekend I have some time to just sit back and chill.  This will be a short update actually.  Project-H has come through and sent that Power Play poster they promised for ordering the book from their store!

IMG_20131222_033740Poster tube with the poster inside.

It arrived yesterday but I didn’t really have time to open it until today.  Came in a cardboard poster tube.  I covered up the address label for safety reasons…

IMG_20131222_034026Front of the poster. The slightly SFW side.
IMG_20131222_034113The back side of the poster. The very NSFW side!

Project-H promised us a two sided poster and they delivered!  Not sure if I can safely hang this up on my wall but it’s still nice to have for someday.  Though I wish they were separate posters so if I were to hang them up I could post both sides up.  Makes me want to buy a second copy just for another poster…

IMG_20131222_034123The NSFW side of the poster next to the back of the manga.

I have to say I am very happy with this purchase in the end.  Worth the extra 5-10 dollars I spent getting an extra copy of a book I already ordered for cheaper elsewhere.  It’s little things like this that make me want to pay extra for stuff.  Project-H knows how to take my money and I’ll gladly do it again!

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