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Not too often that I get all of my monthly figure unboxings done before the end of the first week of the new month.  But here with are with the final figure of my August orders, and it’s one that I have been looking forward to!  From one of my favorite eromanga Renai Sample by Homunculus, we have Chitose from the Summer Beast chapter at 1/6th scale in her glorious cover art “wedding dress” from Rocket Boy and native!

Character: Chitose
Origins: Summer Beast (Renai Sample) (Hentai Manga)
Other:  Character’s Selection

Scale: 1/6
Dimensions: Height – 5.85″
Companies: native (Distributor), Rocket Boy (Manufacturer)
Artists: Homunculus (Illustrator), Supa Sendai (Sculptor)
Release: 8/31/2016
Price: ¥14,000

If you haven’t already, I really do recommend reading Homunculus’s Renai Sample (assuming you are into hentai mangas).  It is one of the most beautiful vanilla hentai mangas out there and its out for sale in English from FAKKU completely uncensored!  Anyways Chitose is one of the “heroines” in Renai Sample, from the chapter “Summer Beast”.  This figure is from a newer manufacture called Rocket Boy and distributed by native (which ironically uses GSC logistics).  The figure is based off of the cover art of Renai Sample, which has Chitose in a revealing “wedding dress”.  Chitose is by far my favorite girl from the book, and possibly out of all of Homunculus’s designed females.  So of course having a figure designed of her caught my attention real quick.

I ordered the figure directly from the native Global Online Store for ¥16,000 (¥14,000 + ¥2000 EMS Shipping).  The figure shipped out promptly on the 31st of August and arrived less than a week later!  So here we are!  One quick note about the upcoming photos.  I was messing around with the exposure and lighting settings with this so some photos may look darker than the others.  That was a my bad, I’ll try not to mess around too much next time to keep things somewhat uniformed.  Anywho let’s get to it!

chitoserb001 chitoserb002 chitoserb003 chitoserb004Chitose’s packaging was pretty simple and fairly light.  I was expecting something ridiculously heavy like other native figures.chitoserb005Included with all native purchased figures is a post card of the official artwork the figure is based off of.  In this case it is the cover art of Renai Sample featuring Chitose.  Such a beautiful piece of artwork…chitoserb006Some really simple instructions on how to get her head veil on and removing the necklace around her neck.chitoserb007chitoserb008Chitose comes with a REALLY fluffy base.  I mean it’s overly fluffy to the point where some of it was shedding all over my light box.

Now getting to the official poses!  Chitose has a few and I’ll be going over all of them this time around.  This is her default pose with her veil and necklace on!

chitoserb009chitoserb010chitoserb011chitoserb012chitoserb013chitoserb014chitoserb015chitoserb016chitoserb017chitoserb018chitoserb019It looks like Rocket Boy (RB) tried to add the blush onto her face as it is on the artwork.  I probably would had loved it more if they just added the extra red onto her.  Would definitely make her look better.chitoserb020chitoserb021chitoserb022chitoserb023chitoserb024chitoserb025chitoserb026chitoserb027chitoserb028The way they tried to make her top “see-through” is a little awkward.  It sort of just looks like her right tit is part of her top.  Would probably look better if they went with a clear top something like in Max Factory’s To LOVEru Wedding Dress Lingerie figures.chitoserb029chitoserb030chitoserb031chitoserb032chitoserb033chitoserb034chitoserb035chitoserb036chitoserb037chitoserb038chitoserb039chitoserb040chitoserb041chitoserb042chitoserb043chitoserb044chitoserb045chitoserb046chitoserb047chitoserb048chitoserb049chitoserb050chitoserb051chitoserb052chitoserb053The detailing on her necklace could had used more work IMO.  Doesn’t look terrible by any means, but I think could look so much more premium if they smoothed it out a bit.chitoserb054chitoserb055The best position to look at Chitose is at a slight higher angle then her looking down.chitoserb056She also looks pretty damn good from a higher angle I suppose.chitoserb057chitoserb058chitoserb059chitoserb060chitoserb061chitoserb062chitoserb063Removing her veil gives you this posing option!  I think I like her better without the veil, at least in figure form.chitoserb064chitoserb065chitoserb066chitoserb067chitoserb068chitoserb069chitoserb070chitoserb071chitoserb072chitoserb073chitoserb074chitoserb075That medium length hair in that flower scrunchy really does get me all hot and bothered…chitoserb076chitoserb077chitoserb078chitoserb079chitoserb080chitoserb081chitoserb082chitoserb083chitoserb084chitoserb085chitoserb086chitoserb087chitoserb088chitoserb089chitoserb090chitoserb091chitoserb092chitoserb093chitoserb094chitoserb095chitoserb096chitoserb097Removing her head, taking off the necklace, and then popping her veil back on gets you this delicious posing option!chitoserb098chitoserb099chitoserb100chitoserb101chitoserb102chitoserb103chitoserb104chitoserb105chitoserb106chitoserb107chitoserb108chitoserb109chitoserb110chitoserb111And then finally, taking off her veil and necklace gets you this final posing option.  I think this may be my favorite posing option for Chitose.chitoserb112chitoserb113chitoserb114chitoserb115chitoserb116chitoserb117chitoserb118chitoserb119chitoserb120chitoserb121chitoserb122chitoserb123chitoserb124chitoserb125And of course we have to perv it up some more and take a look at her underparts…chitoserb126chitoserb127chitoserb128chitoserb129chitoserb130chitoserb131chitoserb132Her vagina detailing isn’t anything special and honestly I think they could had done more work on it.  chitoserb133

Well let’s get straight to the point here.  Chitose looks pretty good for one of the first figure releases from RB.  She is definitely no where near perfect though unfortunately.  As a direct artwork to figure translation there are spots I think RB did this figure right and where I think they should had spent some more time on her.  Pose and sculpt wise I think RB did an excellent job.  At the right angle you looks just as she should from the artwork.  Coloring and painting is decent overall throughout the figure.  Detailing could definitely use a lot more work.  I would had loved to see them add that facial blush to her face and work on the detailings of her clothing pieces a bit more.  The whole merging her right tit into her clothing is a rather strange thing to do.  Not sure if they were being lazy or cost efficient, but making it a clear transparent light plastic would not have been hard and definitely would had made her look so much better.  Removing and adding parts were really simple so no complaints there.

Overall Chitose looks good, not perfect as I would had hoped.  For one of RB’s first attempts I think they released this figure to the best of what they had, though as sad it is for one of my favorite characters…  Is she worth the money?  Me being a bias loving husbando I would say yes.  Me being the logical and rational figure buyer though I would had been disappointed.  Pick whatever poison works for you I suppose.

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