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August has been a weird month for figures, at least for me.  There were not as many figure releases in the past two months as compared to the rest of the year.  Due to some shipping mishaps I did not receive my July orders until late.  And with August only having one figure to wait on from AmiAmi, it also arrived late despite me paying for it earlier this month.  At least it is an amazing figure!  Enter my third favorite Love Live girl, Toujou Nozomi, the big busted vice student council president and resident miko.  Here we have a rendition of her by Alter at 1/7th scale!

Character: Toujou Nozomi
Origins: Love Live! (Anime/Game)
Scale: 1/7
Dimensions: Height – 9.75″
Companies: Alter (Manufacturer)
Artists: Ayabe Ichiro (Color producer), Yagyuu Toshiyuki (Sculptor)
Release: 8/4/2016
Price: ¥15,800

So Alter based this Nozomi off of her SR card from the Love Live! School Idol Festival mobile card game.  As with most Love Live figures, Alter was not afraid to charge a premium for this figure.  AmiAmi charged me ¥14,330 for Nozomi with a ¥1,490 shipping fee.  I have been fairly impressed with the past Love Live figures Alter had offered so as you can expect my expectations for Nozomi, especially since she is one of my waifus, are pretty high.  I’ll actually leave off the text from the photos this time around, just so you can appreciate what Alter has done here more!

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Alright so I think it is obvious that what we have here is one damn amazing figure!  Alter not only met my expectations but exceeded it!  By several miles at that!  Everything about this Nozomi is as perfect as I was expecting her to be.  The sculpt is amazing, Alter usually doesn’t disappoint there.  They really got her pose down perfectly, showing off Nozomi’s delicious curves.  The coloring is, as always now, perfect!  Alter is really investing a lot of money into these color producers of theirs and it is really showing, especially with this Nozomi!  The blends of purple and red go soo well together.  Such an amazing job!  Detailing on this beauty of a figure is out of this world!  Alter has only impressed me this much before with detailing and that was with Chitoge!  The patterns on her clothing and hand cloth thing are so perfectly done.  The included talisman are pretty realistic looking too, I think they might even be made of special paper.  Everything about this Nozomi is perfect!  There’s nothing else I can really say other then try to get your hands on this figure!  She will sell out, if not so already, and she will be much more expensive.  Keep it up Alter, don’t ever change!

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