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The final stretch of my July 2016 orders!  Was pretty uneventful now that I think about it, probably the least amount of figures I have received in a single month in a long time.  But it’s all good.  Today we have some delicious dark elf goodness.  From nitroplus’s dark eroge Soukou Akki Muramasa, we have Sansei Muramasa at 1/6th scale in a delicious white nurse outfit from Alphamax’s Skytube line!

Character: Sansei Muramasa
Origins: Soukou Akki Muramasa (Eroge)
Other: Skytube
Version: Nurse ver.
Scale: 1/6
Dimensions: Height – 11.31″
Companies: Alphamax (Manufacturer)
Artists: Hiro (Sculptor)
Release: 7/8/2016
Price: ¥13,800

I wasn’t too much of a fan of the “milk chocolate” elfs back in the day, but my tastes did change probably for the better.  Though I’ll would most likely credit Liquid’s Kuroinu for that change.  While I did play a bit of Soukou Akki Muramasa when it was released in 2009 through a text-hooker.  I never did finish it due to how bad the text-hooker was translating it all.  Definitely waiting on JAST to flex that nitroplus partnership and get this translated.  From what little I did play though, it was definitely the typical nitroplus dark storyline that they are so famous for.  Sansei Muramasa has had her share of figure renditions, a few that I even regretted not getting.  Not this time though!  This is the second figure of my July 2016 order from AmiAmi.  I got her for ¥11,470 plus the total for the slow as fuck shipping I accidentally chosen.  Well enough chit chat, let’s get to the photos!

sanseimura001 sanseimura002 sanseimura003 sanseimura004sanseimura005The box came with some damage at the top left corner.  Regardless we have the usual Alphamax Skytube packaging.sanseimura006The one sided instruction sheet.  Pretty simple to follow with just the pictures.sanseimura007sanseimura008The included base was nothing special.  Though the left peg kind of got stuck on her foot and nearly came off while I pulled the figure off of it…sanseimura009Sansei Muramasa comes with a variety of nurse related accessories!
sanseimura010sanseimura011A little blue clipboard with a patients check-up form on it.  It is a real piece of paper that you can sort of adjust on the board.sanseimura012A white nurse’s cap with a magnetic bottom so it’ll attach to her head.sanseimura013sanseimura014sanseimura015A stethoscope is also included.  Though it was a bit of a pain to get it connected to Muramasa.
sanseimura016sanseimura017And of course you have a syringe filled with some peep color fluids, ready to be injected into the patient!Since Muramasa is a castoff figure with quite a bit of different accessories she does have a few posing options!  I’ll be taking photos of a few of them.  Here is what I think the default is!

sanseimura018sanseimura019sanseimura020sanseimura021sanseimura022sanseimura023sanseimura024sanseimura025sanseimura026sanseimura027sanseimura028sanseimura029sanseimura030sanseimura031sanseimura032sanseimura033sanseimura034sanseimura035sanseimura036sanseimura037sanseimura038sanseimura039Such a stern expression on Muramasa’s face.  I sort of wished they softened it up a bit.  But I guess it still gives that nursey vibe.sanseimura040The stethoscope was sort of a pain to get on, since it involves removing her head, removing the front part of her head, and then shoving the stethoscope into her ears and hope that they stuck in as you reassemble.sanseimura041sanseimura042sanseimura043sanseimura044sanseimura045sanseimura046sanseimura047A nice round chocolate colored booty….  Gimme some!sanseimura048sanseimura049sanseimura050sanseimura051sanseimura052sanseimura053sanseimura054sanseimura055sanseimura056sanseimura057sanseimura058sanseimura059sanseimura060sanseimura061sanseimura062Swapping off Muramasa’s left arm and giving her the syringe gives you this other posing option.  Not much different from the default, but it does rid her of that annoying stethoscope.sanseimura063sanseimura064sanseimura065sanseimura066sanseimura067sanseimura068sanseimura069sanseimura070sanseimura071sanseimura072sanseimura073sanseimura074sanseimura075sanseimura076Removing her nurse cap is also another minor option.  I think she still looks great without it.sanseimura077sanseimura078sanseimura079Not exactly the final posing option but removing her nurses option will give you a full frontal nude Muramasa!  Her panties are not removable unfortunately since they sort of dig into her booty.  You can put back on her first arm piece and stethoscope if you wish.  I choose not to since it was sort of a burden to do so.sanseimura080sanseimura081sanseimura082sanseimura083sanseimura084sanseimura085sanseimura086sanseimura087sanseimura088sanseimura089sanseimura090sanseimura091sanseimura092sanseimura093sanseimura094sanseimura095sanseimura096sanseimura097sanseimura098sanseimura099sanseimura100sanseimura101sanseimura102sanseimura103sanseimura104sanseimura105sanseimura106sanseimura107sanseimura108

There are a few more posing options for Muramasa, such as removing her cap, putting her default arm piece in and throwing the stethoscope back on, or removing all accessories and just have her in her nurses outfit.

I am quite happy with Alphamax’s nurse Muramasa.  With their Skytube line of course the characters will be exposed to some sort of NSFW situation, in this figures cast you can remove her top to reveal her boobs.  Considering the content of the source material I do think they could had took it a step further and made her into a complete castoff, but in doing so you will lose the sexy panties digging into her butt.  The quality of the figure is what I would have expected from Alphamax now.  The sculpt is great.  The coloring is amazing, the light brown mixes sooo well with the white of her outfit.  And for the most part quality control was good, there were some paint gulps but it was pretty minor.  Castoff was fairly easy though I think they could had some something better with the stethoscope, getting it to stick in her ears are a bit of a pain.  Detailing is excellent as always with Alphamax.  Though I do sort of wish they could had made her facial expression a bit more loose and maybe playful.  But all in all the deliciousness of milk chocolate Muramasa is definitely in this figure.  Now if I can get my hands on the other figures that I missed out on her….

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