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Took a bit longer to get here due to a shipping mishap, but my July 2016 orders are finally in!  Just in time too, with how hectic my schedule will be starting next week.  Today we have another figure of “Saber” from visual novel turned Anime series, Fate/Stay Night.  Actually this isn’t technically “Saber” but a character called Master Artoria.  She is master that looks extremely similar (just like) to Saber from the Fate/hollow Ataraxia mini-game Capsule Servant.  She is pretty much Saber in a navy blue school girl outfit.  At 1/7th scale she is brought to us by Alter!

Character: Master Artoria
Origins: Fate/Stay Night/Capsule Servant (Game)
Scale: 1/7
Dimensions: Height – 8.58″
Companies: Alter (Manufacturer)
Artists: Hashimoto Ryou (Sculptor), Tetsumori Nanami (Color producer)
Release: 7/27/2016
Price: ¥12,800

Well usually with these “Saber” figures I rant off how I initially was never a Saber fan but eventually opened up to her.  I get to spare you from that this time since “technically” this isn’t Saber but “Master Artoria”…  Yeah…  Anyways I am a sucker for school girl outfits so easily this figure caught my attention when Alter first revealed her.  This is the first of two figures from my monthly AmiAmi July 2016 order.  I got the figure for a cool ¥11,600, which is a pretty shitty discount now that I think about it.  Reason why the figure took so long to get here was that I accidentally choose SAL Parcel shipping when I paid for my order.  Figure spent two weeks in San Francisco IAP, usually my orders come in through LAX.  Never making that mistake again.  Anyways enough text, let’s get to the photos!

artoriaa001 artoriaa002 artoriaa003 artoriaa004artoriaa005artoriaa006Master Artoria comes in the usual Alter plastic packaging.  I really do like this, since it provides excellent protection and is fairly lighter than normal cardboard boxes.artoriaa007A fairly simple instruction sheet on how to get Artoria’s sheathed weaponed in between her hands.
artoriaa008Speaking of the weapon, it looks quite amazing.  The designs and patterns on it are excellently done.artoriaa009artoriaa010artoriaa011artoriaa012artoriaa013artoriaa014artoriaa015artoriaa016Artoria’s base.  Nothing too fancy as usual from Alter.

Now Artoria only comes in one posing option, though you can pose her without her sword.artoriaa017artoriaa018artoriaa019artoriaa020artoriaa021artoriaa022artoriaa023artoriaa024artoriaa025artoriaa026artoriaa027artoriaa028artoriaa029artoriaa030artoriaa031artoriaa032artoriaa033artoriaa034artoriaa035artoriaa036artoriaa037artoriaa038artoriaa039artoriaa040artoriaa041artoriaa042artoriaa043artoriaa044artoriaa045artoriaa046artoriaa047artoriaa048artoriaa049artoriaa050artoriaa051artoriaa052artoriaa053artoriaa054artoriaa055Artoria’s school bag looks amazing!  Alter pull all the stops with this figure for sure, then again when haven’t they with their figures?artoriaa056artoriaa057artoriaa058artoriaa059artoriaa060artoriaa061artoriaa062artoriaa063artoriaa064artoriaa065artoriaa066artoriaa067artoriaa068artoriaa069artoriaa070artoriaa071artoriaa072artoriaa073artoriaa074artoriaa075artoriaa076artoriaa077artoriaa078artoriaa079artoriaa080artoriaa081artoriaa082artoriaa083Perv mode on!  Interestingly enough, Artoria’s skirt feels a bit loose.  With some effort and some modifications (damages) to the figure I think some people should be able to remove it.  I like to keep some value in my figures so I won’t be attempting that.artoriaa084artoriaa085artoriaa086artoriaa087artoriaa088artoriaa089artoriaa090artoriaa091artoriaa092artoriaa093artoriaa094artoriaa095artoriaa096

Alter has once again delivered an excellent looking product!  Artoria looks excellent and probably could not have looked any better.  You get all the usual Alter figure goodness with Artoria.  An excellent sculpt, expertly done coloring, excellent detailing, and a paint job that puts many manufacturers to shame!  I am quite pleased with this figure.  Definitely not the flashiest “Saber” figure.  But for how simple she is Alter did an excellent job, as usual.

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